How To Think Like A Radical Feminst – TRANS STYLE

Said in a very laydee like voice whist sipping herbal tea and wearing a modest dress.

How To Think Like A Radical Feminst, FABULOUS TRANS WOMANNNN STYLE 

  1. “Anyone who disagrees with your single very narrow definition of lesbian, or who identifies as lesbian despite not fitting that definition, is “policing lesbian sexuality”. Any lesbian who enjoys sex acts that you don’t, or who is open to dating women you wouldn’t, is trying to force her views on you and needs to stop doing those things. 
  2. Imaginary legions of men dressing up as women to enter gendered restrooms, changing areas, shelters, etc., and rape with impunity are a very real problem. Actual trans* women with actual lives and actual problems caused or exacerbated by unequal access are “hypotheticals” invented to distract from this real problem. In the event that one of these hypothetical people should inconveniently exist within your sight and ask for help, remind them that the real problem is male violence before delivering them back to their attackers. 
  3. Convince yourself that patriarchy loves transgender people, that patriarchy benefits in some way from the idea that sex isn’t two immutable categories with little or no overlap or that gender exists separately from sex. Act as though in insisting that gender doesn’t exist as a thing separate from sex you are making a bold and courageous stance against patriarchy and the status quo. If necessary, cite decades-old dictionary definitions and centuries of tradition in your favor while proclaiming that your stance is radical and undermining the status quo.
  4. Since intersectionality means that being a woman and x always results in less privilege than x, feel justified claiming to be the most oppressed and downtrodden human being on the planet even if you’e white, cis, financially secure, and currently able-bodied. Act as though intersectionality means that any problem women experience that you don’t share in isn’t a woman’s problem. At the same time, act as though anything you recognize as a woman’s problem is a deadly and immediate threat to you, you, you personally… even when other women are the primary targets of those threats and the chance of it befalling you is negligible. Accuse anyone who tries to point out the statistical unevenness of stealing attention from women.”

How to Think Like A Decent Human Being, Decent Human Being Style

  1. Lesbians get shamed enough for not liking dick. When trans women do it, it’s still the same old Lesbian shaming. Thanks, “sister,” for contributing to Compulsory Heterosexuality, you are such a HERO!
  2. Male violence against Females is real. Females aren’t responsible for the safety of trans women. Stop trying to suck my tit, I’ve already breast fed my babies and there’s no more room at the inn.
  3. Gender maintains the “status quo,” princess. But enjoy your special individualism orgy.
  4. Trans women are Male. They have NO PLACE in a feminist analysis. When intersectionality is used as a tool to bludgeon Females into thinking they oppress trans women, Reality dictates the tool is broken. Get the fuck out of our Movement UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE GOOD ALLIES TO FEMALES, and then we’ll use Intersectionality the way it’s meant to work – for Females.

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