What Critics Say About Pretendbians

By labeling each other cisbians and pretendbians–not even accurate insults, it just seems to me we’re furthering the degradation and erasure of lesbians, starting with ourselves. – Chelsea Sayre.

The blog, which appears to have been started in March of 2012, has profiles of various women of trans* experience in an effort to blacken their names and indirectly incite violence against them.– Jordan Gwendolyn Davis (ED. NOTE – Jordan Gwendolyn Davis wrote this http://community.feministing.com/2012/02/22/to-rape-apologist-cathy-brennan-no-there-is-no-such-thing-as-feminist-opposition-to-trans-rights/ in which they referred to me as a “rape apologist.” I got this removed from both feministing and amplify your voice because it is defamatory.)

3 responses to “What Critics Say About Pretendbians

  1. Jordan is quite famous for its antics. http://adfwiki.com/index.php?title=Jordan A wiki documenting some of the worlds worst pretendbians.

  2. this is like an aryan brotherhood website, but for “radical feminists” who hate trans-women and believe that gender is a systemic hierarchy of oppression. nothing here but a big hate fest. nazi gatherings are “legal” too. it doesn’t mean they are correct or enlightened. westboro baptist assemblies were legal too. also, your website utterly fails at the weak hearted attempts at sarcasm when pretending to not disparage transsexual women. according to you people we should just die. we are not your enemies, but you are very clearly ours. also stop pretending like the book reading thing was a hate crime. nobody left with a broken bone or even a scratch. can you say “blown out of proportion to support a nazi hate group” ?

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