Stay In Lane


Over the past year, I have read some – certainly not all – of the speculation about Pretendbians and why it exists.

“Cathy Brennan hates men. Cathy Brennan is secretly attracted to men. Cathy Brennan is a man.”

You all sound like the Adults in Peanuts speaking. Also, make up your fucking minds.

A reminder: the reason Pretendbians exists is because of the utter lack of respect transwomen (and, let’s be honest, their female “allies”) have shown for lesbians.

Without the Cotton Ceiling, there would be no Pretendbians.

Without the endless demands that lesbians consider males as sexual partners, there would be no Pretendbians.

Transwomen, I just ran across a press release for a dating website FOR FEMALES. You can read about it here. This lesbian dating website is not FOR YOU.  Because transwomen ARE NOT FEMALE.

Respect that. For once, respect that.

Lesbians are female homosexuals.

We don’t have a penis. We don’t have balls. We don’t have male socialization.   We aren’t eunuchs.

We are women.

We love women.

We desire intimate relations with OTHER WOMEN.

Transwomen, respect that. You will never be women, but you certainly can be decent human beings.

Try it.

17 responses to “Stay In Lane

  1. Um, can I be an actual woman who has a lot of issues with men, wants to be supportive of women primarily, who has never fallen in love with a woman or had sex with a woman, but be, well, pro-lesbian? I’d like that.

      • We need each other. It’s really awful to watch other women tell us we are bigots for not sucking dick.

      • Accusing anyone of being bigoted for not being interested in engaging in any given sexual activity with any given person of either sex, is intrusive and boundary-transgressing, and overall deeply offensive. I am so sorry that you have to deal with that from other women, especially. That must feel especially a betrayal.

        Good Dog but I detest what this culture does to women, how it works to set us against each other.

        And don’t get me started on the Internet, all these men running around pretending to be us. I hate how difficult it makes trust. Grrr.

      • Agreed sis. Agreed.

  2. Mieprowan, I’m pretty much exactly like you.

  3. I am bi (single), I have a heterosexual (single, does not date) brother, and a sister who is lesbian (single, rarely dates). We speak openly in our family about sex, relationships (or the lack thereof), and politics and often agree on a wide range of issues.
    However since realising that Trans males-to-females are reaking havok in female’s rights and spaces, I have addressed these issues with my sister… she approves of all Ts, as with all LGBTs. She feels the Matrix Wackowski brothers/siblings are very cool. So I’ve asked her, three times by email, if she would have sex or a relationship with a trans MtF… and oddly enough, she has skirted me all three times. This is not at all like my sister. I have asked her if my question had offended her, or touched a sensitive button… no answer, not like my sister at all.
    So given her insistent silence, I’m assuming the worst, that I have indeed offended her with my probing, and that she is probably feeling guilty because, I’m thinking, based on our conversations, that though she approves in theory of “women with dicks” (past or present), and insists that it is our responsibility to call them women… but not in the real world of intimacy?
    It seems to me for supporters of Trans politics, the theory falls short of reality, and it’s not just lesbians at issue here, it’s all progressive people (cuz I don’t expect any such instinct from conservatives). Progressive folks want all advocacy groups to gain their quests… but are we progressives being duplicitous on this matter. I am an odd bi, I like male bodies, but not male minds, that should theoretically make me ripe for a MtF, but nope, that is a step I will not take, because I “just don’t believe them” and narcissism is a personality trait I have absolutely, as are hypochondriacs

  4. oups, came to see if BB had responded and noticed a typo in the last sentence…
    “narcissism is a personality trait I have absolutely no love for, as for hypochondriacs.”

  5. Shouldn’t the question of whether a person would have sex with a trans woman depend on whether the person was attracted to the trans woman or not? I’ve met trans women who look just the same as other women, even naked and are just as attractive. I don’t see why it should make any difference to how I feel about a woman if she had an operation to remove her appendix, or to remove her testicles and reshape her penis. The end results matter more than a person’s medical history.

    • I’m not concerned with the question of individuals deciding to have sex with other individuals.

      • As well none of us should be. Nosing around into what consenting adults do in their bedrooms is classic repressive behavior.

      • Yes, that’s what the Cotton Ceiling does.

      • “The Cotton Ceiling” is a relatively new term to me. Is this about men who think they are women and who may or may not have been medically feminized, thinking they have the right to be deemed sexually attractive by lesbians? Because if so, that’s junk logic. Nobody has the right to be deemed sexually attractive by anybody.

        Actually it’s not logic at all. It doesn’t even qualify as a logical fallacy. It’s just sexual harassment.

      • You can google it or search this blog.

      • Sounds like a trans appropriation of the glass ceiling, and with quite a leap, considering that the glass ceiling is about employment discrimination, not choice of sex partners.

        In any case, women get to decide the definition of “woman,” on an individual or general basis. Men wanting to get involved in this is about as interesting to me as it is when they want to get involved in legislating boundaries with regards to women’s health care issues.

        If individual women want to believe (some) men are women, that’s their business. But their doing so does not give them them the right to inflict this belief on everyone. Equally, men who subscribe to this belief have no right to inflict it on anyone who doesn’t. There is no real science behind any of this business of innately gendered brains. Correlation does not mean causality. Brains are not static.