Fans of Pretendbians!

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Dulcinea’s Dream  “I tried to engage with them, but they failed to understand. So I turn to you, tumblr. Firebomb these motherfuckers. Because I don’t know what else to do.”

I’m actually shaking with rage. This is my first official internet argument but mostly I just want to throw up.

Come on, damn it, slam these fuckers.

Same shit, different day. (TW: cissexism, transmisogyny, cyberbullying)  “This isn’t anything new, but I’m really sick of this bullshit way of thinking, especially coming from someone claiming to represent the lesbian community.  Maybe I was looking for a fight to cut my little baby activist teeth on.”

13 responses to “Fans of Pretendbians!

  1. turn the rapey-death threat trans spigot on MOAR! fuck those womens shit up (as the MRAs like to say, they have an acronym for it and everything) aaaaannnnd, go.

    ffs. like we havent heard it all before.

  2. Actually, I’m not DulcineaDream. My Tumblr name is Allecto. In case you didn’t notice, our layouts aren’t even the same.

    It’s nice that you think we’re the same person, though. I don’t really know her, but she seems like a cooler person than you. At least she isn’t a bigot who hates people because of their gender identity.

    ED. NOTE – Um, no kidding. Do you ever leave your parents’ house? And since you brought it up, work on being a better ally to lesbians.

    • Well, excuuuuuuse me. It’sjust that you tagged both of those screenshots under my name.

      And yes, I have left my parents’ house. I have my own place.

  3. LOL @ the slideshow. nice!

  4. I’m impressed. I like the Slideshow. Nice Job

  5. this website is nazi propaganda dedicated to gangstalking and destroying the lives of people who already experience 48% of all hate crimes in this country. feminism is the idea that everyone deserves EQUALITY. this is not radical feminism, it is only radical. not feminist. shame on you.

  6. and for the record, i am not lesbian or straight or bi or asexual or any of that stupid compartmentalized trash that is warped by your experiences, so don’t go accusing me like you have paranoidly done to so many others here of wanting to interject my “white trans penis” into this conversation. i am only attracted to people who i have an emotional bond with, because i am above my animal impulses to identify with such barbaric and raging concepts. what a paranoid joke that an atrophied part of my anatomy that you are not entitled to would invalidate all of my life experiences and the fact that its more dangerous for us to go outside than it is for you.

  7. also i often forget that a lot of these haters out there actually believe that i somehow choose to behave how i behave on autopilot, which is silly, because if i try to impersonate them, its obviously a lot more contrived than how i behave on autopilot. like these haters…you people included…its like i am incapable of understanding how they actually believe that my existence is somehow a farce or a charade or a caricature until i am confronted with the drivel they cling to, and actually i still don’t understand how, i only understand what. that literally makes you my enemy. all it tells me is that you would like to see me dead. if you want to see me dead, i have no reason to listen to any of this psychological warfare you perpetuate towards the group i am siphoned in with.

  8. why should i be an ally to radfem, when radfem wants to see me dead? radfem is not “lesbians”. i have many lesbian friends who do not cling to these radical ideals that want to see me dead.

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