Roz Kaveney


Not a woman.

Not a lesbian.

Not a dyke.

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  1. You’re the minority. She is a woman and a lesbian and your stone age mind hasn’t got with the programme. Oh well, that’s your problem as I’ve got a life to get on with.


  2. We love Roz. We wont love you. Full Stop !!!!

  3. WOW…. This is a Spectacularly Hateful Blog!

    • Sorry, lesbians defending themselves isn’t hateful. What’s hateful is men and their handmaidens blathering away at us to accept penis as female. Shoo.

  4. just count yourselves lucky you didn’t have to listen to any of her fucking science fiction

  5. Have you not got better things to do than post personal attacks on individuals? Smacks of bullying to me, whoever they are.

    • Julie, we don’t value your opinion. You have a career to think about, we understand that, but you have ruined any credibility you once had to speak on behalf of lesbians. Instead, you’ve decided to play this bullshit game where lesbians aren’t permitted to acknowledge our lives.

      Have a nice day!

  6. This isn’t a personal attack, it is just the truth. The person in question is not a lesbian. It’s important for younger (or perhaps inexperienced) lesbians to be aware that the cotton ceiling exists and that it is not ‘bigoted’ or ‘transphobic’ of them to reject trans women as sexual partners.

    Roz Kaveney consistently comes out with hate-filled rhetoric against radical feminists (or ‘TERFs’, as he calls us). I have seen this with my own eyes (I have some screencaps) – yet you come on here to take issue with something which is not a personal attack, just a statement of truth. Whose side are you on? Have you pulled up Roz when he launches personal attacks on Twitter, or have you let those ones go?

    Julie, I once admired you.

    • Julie has been completely silent as women’s space and rights have been eroded. Indeed, she decided last summer to completely throw women under the bus.

  7. It seems ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that the reason for this has little to do with politics and everything to do with that dolla bill.

    Oh, sorry, that Pound.

  8. Also, remember when Roz Kaveney defamed Sheila Jeffreys? Well done, Julie.

  9. Defo defend the right of a man to call himself a woman instead of actual women trying to organise as women. Apparently, that’s what “radical feminism” means now.

    Here’s Sheila’s response to “Roz” –

  10. A man who claims to be a ‘dyke’ (as this one does) is, in actual fact, a heterosexual man. Nowt wrong with that, but just *stop* the fucking appropriation. Why don’t people – sorry, libfems – ‘get’ this?