The Truth And The Lie

This is brilliant.

ann tagonist

Recently, a woman at the art college associated with my university graduated with a first class honours degree. The piece she presented at the end of year degree show included a video she made of herself masturbating and various blown up photographs of herself dressed in bondage gear doing everyday “womanly” activities such as reading a magazine on the couch or loading the washing machine. I could post one of the photos here but I don’t see anything else but pornography when I look at them so I won’t. Two brothers also earned themselves first class degrees with their own pornographic presentation. Their exhibit included sex toys which had been turned into instruments of torture (think replacing knife handles with butt plugs and turning dildos into nunchucks) and one piece was allegedly withdrawn by the show’s organizers because it violated health & safety codes. 

Nearly all groups in the UK…

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