This is Not An Experience of Womanhood

Being concerned that taking synthetic estrogen robs you of your ability to produce sperm and father children is not an experience of womanhood or being female.

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7 responses to “This is Not An Experience of Womanhood

  1. ha. Where does this person live? Under a rock? Poor women have suffered forced sterilization forever. It’s so annoying to read dumb shit like that, that you could refute with a 2 minute google search. It just shows the level of ME ME ME, that “male privilege” screams. Never even bothering to educate oneself even the smallest amount.

  2. This meme has been developing in the trans community for a while now, a sense of aggrieved outrage that derives from a court decision in Sweden. See, e.g.,

    They really do want it all – Men want to be able to be recognised as a woman and retain all the maleness that comes with being born male. It’s fascinating to watch them turn things that don’t make actual women privileged into a thing that oppresses them (i.e.. “waaaaa, you can get pregnant, your womb oppresses me.”)

  3. sterility in trans = not forced – voluntary (mostly). remember that when they start whinging about not being able to have kids and bragging about how mumsy (lol) they are. utter twonks.

  4. Somebody call the whaaambulance!

    Man is doing exactly as he wants (i.e. ‘becoming’ a ‘woman’ – except he isn’t, obvs, but let’s play along) & complains he is being ‘forcibly’ sterilised. No, you’re fucking not. You CHOSE it.

    His sense of entitlement blows me away.

  5. The lack of knowledge of basic historical facts is really quite depressing. Frankly, 10 minutes on google would have pointed out how ridiculous that statement is. Your average high school student should know about forced sterilisations.

  6. I don’t think he gives a shit about forced sterilisations. Honestly, I’m not being inflammatory, I just don’t think he does. I don’t think he lacks knowledge, I think he lacks basic human empathy. IMHO.