Deluded: Making Stupid Women Suck My Dick


Deluded: Making Stupid Women Suck My Dick

By Julia Serano


All transwomen have been deluded at some point in our lives. Indeed, we are deluded right now, as we continue to “believe” that we are women. Because of that, for some reason that we CANNOT figure out, we are sometimes excluded from certain spaces I’ll call hatebigotfest spaces, but Actual Women might call “women-only space.” Like, who are these Women not to believe us when we say we are Women? It’s infuriating that they don’t bow down to our lived experience!

In order to change this, I decided to co-opt an entire theoretical framework – it used to be called “feminism” – and center it around myself. And I noticed how much attention liberals gave to those of us who were able to rattle off all of the ways in which we are “oppressed.” Like, oooh, I know, some…

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