DIVA! Keeping Media Safe for Men!


3 responses to “DIVA! Keeping Media Safe for Men!

  1. Warning: this is pretty gross. “Most attractive race”. White male pretendbian graphically describing his lust for women of color.

  2. Cathy, I think you’re a bad influence on me. Today I got banned from the “One Million Vaginas” facebook page, for posting about keeping women restrooms for females only. A comment I posted under an article about a trans nursing student who has been banned from using the womens restroom at her college.

    I linked several articles / police reports that were made when men dressed as women to gain access to the womens restrooms. One case was of a convicted sexual offender transwoman.

    All my remarks were removed and I was banned. Article about penis in the womens restoom is supported on the one million vaginas page, comment from woman with a vagina, removed for not being in support of penis.