Desperate Trans Wacktavists are Desperate

This person – Orionist 5 – is not a radical feminist, and she has been abusive to women.

Privilege Denying Tranny

Not content to just impersonate women and in a  desperate bid to prove that women are the hateful cissy bigots they say they are, trans trolls of twitter have decided to pretend that this dude is a Rad Fem.





dudes in desperation1dudes in desperation

Who the fuck sinks this low to make fake accounts pretending to be a rad fem supporter? Yep, dudes do.  Also, Orion, what woman let alone a radfem would choose the name of a male rapist God for their handle? Nope not buying it.

Oh and Orion, your need to learn how to tuck better cause your trolly cock is showin.

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2 responses to “Desperate Trans Wacktavists are Desperate

  1. Yeah… appropriation sucks… like the time cis women appropriate the history of trans men fighting in the civil war and try to de-trans their memory… or the time cis people act like Jehanne Tarc wasn’t trans and keep calling him Joan.
    Totally agree… appropriation sucks…