Obsessive Heterosexual Harasses Lesbian Activist

Aaminah Khan, who goes by @jaythenerdkid, describes herself as a “Muslim bipolar bisexual hard-femme intersectionalist geek girl genius.”

obsessive heterosexual

She  “Loves: PJ (boyfriend) … (the fatherland) & girl stuff.”

She is one of thousands of heterosexual women who have become enamored of porn sick Queer culture and who harass lesbians on social media and in reality.

obsessive heterosexual1229PG

We are def not on “the same side.”

obsessive heterosexual12299JPG

No lesbians are cis.

obsessive heterosexual1229JPG

Homophobia and porn sickness.

obsessive heterosexual12429JPG


obsessive heterosexual1242981JPG

I’ve never heard of this woman until she started harassing me on Twitter.

obsessive heterosexual124281JPG

Queer culture porn sickness.

obsessive heterosexual12281JPG

This sounds oddly like “transwomen are women.”

obsessive heterosexual12282081JPG

No woman is cis.

obsessive heterosexual1228281JPG

Call Out Culture Works for the Man.

obsessive heterosexual122281JPG

Lesbophobia and racism.

obsessive heterosexual12221JPG

This is actual harassment.

obsessive heterosexual1221JPG

Why let facts get in the way of a good troll?

obsessive heterosexual122311JPG


obsessive heterosexual12211JPG

LOL at page views, says the woman who posts endless selfies.

obsessive heterosexual1211JPG

Cotton Ceiling.

obsessive heterosexual11JPG

I am a busy (actual) woman!

obsessive heterosexual110JPG

Stockholm Syndrome.

obsessive heterosexual19JPG


obsessive heterosexual18JPG

Legal action has everything to do with the inability of queers to engage in lawful, civil dialogue.

obsessive heterosexual17JPG


obsessive heterosexual16JPG

I hate sports.

obsessive heterosexual15JPG

Or, stop engaging with women who hurt your feelings.

obsessive heterosexual14JPG

Porn sick woman.

obsessive heterosexual13JPG

More porn sickness.

obsessive heterosexual12JPG

This is actual harassment.

This behavior passes for activism among this demographic.

This isn’t activism. This is obsessive, stalky behavior.

This isn’t feminism. This is backlash.

After a long day harassing lesbians, I need a break.

After a long day harassing lesbians, I need a break.

Obsessive Hetero.

17 responses to “Obsessive Heterosexual Harasses Lesbian Activist

  1. Holy projection, Batman. They’re doing every single thing they accuse you of doing.

    • Yeah. Also, a friend just posted this comment elsewhere: “looks like you’re the last thing she thinks about before she goes to bed and the first thing she does in the morning.”

      Pretty revolting behavior.

  2. I’m not seeing the racism, unless you think poor Zimmerman is a terrible victim of Trayvon Martin? That would be a fairly horrendously racist assertion for you to be making, so I think I must be misunderstanding your point.

  3. You do realise that this woman who identifies as bisexual is therefore bisexual, right? And that her sexuality has nothing to do with her calling out your transphobic hate speech?

  4. The only good part about reading this kind of filth is that it leaves me feeling relatively sane by contrast. Aaminah, get some help, you’ve gone off the deep end.

  5. Reblogged this on There Are So Many Things Wrong With This and commented:
    I know I have my problems, but when I see borderline behavior like this I thank my lucky stars I’m only moderately unstable.

  6. Classic agitation. Fems have been the target of such nonsense forever. Doesn’t make it any less ugly.

  7. The stuff people post on your page is mind boggling. Were they asleep in Bio 101 or High School Humanities?