A Woman’s Work For The Man Is Never Done

Aaminah Khan, who goes by @jaythenerdkid, describes herself as a “Muslim bipolar bisexual hard-femme intersectionalist geek girl genius.”

She is a HUGE FAN of catering to Men.

A Woman’s Work For The Man Is Never Done.

Also, I had no idea I went to a Trans March, ever!

proud homophobes



proud homophobes1

proud homophobes2


“I can totally rock a cape… I’ve got years as a child with a bath towel pinned to my shoulders as solid proof of this.”

"Sounds a lot like Sheila Jeffreys, a radical feminist scholar at the University of Melbourne. She believes transgendered people reproduce oppressive gender roles. My successor in my previous job had the (dis)pleasure of being one of her students last semester."

“Sounds a lot like Sheila Jeffreys, a radical feminist scholar at the University of Melbourne. She believes transgendered people reproduce oppressive gender roles. My successor in my previous job had the (dis)pleasure of being one of her students last semester.”

"I was scrolling her pics and one which didn't load was captioned '[n]o woman is cis.' wat"

“I was scrolling her pics and one which didn’t load was captioned ‘[n]o woman is cis.’ wat”

proud homophobes2

Porn sick AND Homophobic.

proud homophobes

Will “Wallace” Rees.

Working for the menz! How Queer is that?

6 responses to “A Woman’s Work For The Man Is Never Done

  1. When did “I’m not afraid” start meaning “take down my Facebook page NOW!”

  2. Seriously Ms. Brennan, how do you find the time to do all this stuff? I’m trans and I seriously can’t be bothered to summon up an equal and opposite reaction to you. I don’t know how much trans issues actually play a part in your everyday life, except the amount of time you choose to devote to it, but for me, I have to deal with being trans every waking moment. By rights, I ought to have more motivation than you to lobby for my side, but your personal drive far outstrips my own. I don’t ask for much, just a life as close to normal as I can manage. I want a husband and some kids, even if I’ll have to go through a lengthy adoption process. You’re using up so much of your life on fighting a battle that hardly affects you. Is this like, a hobby for you? Is your crusade against trans people just something you do in your spare time? Do you not have anything better to do with your time, like maybe volunteering at a food bank? At the same time you’re fighting to secure a negative image of me as some sort of deranged crossdresser, I might be helping to distribute food to the needy.

    People do not often knowingly work towards evil, and you probably think that what you’re doing is good. I ask you though: If you’re going to do something good, is this REALLY the best use of your time?

    • There is actually an army of women who do most of these posts. But thanks for telling women what our priorities should be.

      • Are you arrogant enough to claim that you speak for all women? I didn’t ‘tell women’ I told you. Targeting a minority which, from where I see, does no significant harm to you is not what I would consider to be a worthy endeavor.

        But thanks for hinting to vegetarians that we shouldn’t criticize people for their engaging in destructive pastimes. It’s very wrong of us to have the audacity to suggest that there are better things you could be doing. Your response had nothing to do with vegetarians as a group, only me, but since I happen to be a vegetarian I’m going to assume that your criticism extends to all vegetarians.

        To re-iterate my criticism of you: If your motivation is to do good in this world, I feel your time could be far better spent in other activities. I happen to see much of the activity on this blog as being destructive and evil, and I do condemn you for it, but I do not expect you to share my point of view. This criticism extends to all participants of this blog who contribute explicitly anti-trans material, in addition to those who assist in the proliferation of these ideas.

        That being said, you have a right to hold an evil opinion, just as I have a right to add my own modifiers to describe what I think of your opinion. We won’t agree, I think. My point remains, however, that if your motivation is entirely one of doing some sort of abstract good, your outlet for this motivation is not so pure as it might be.

        I suspect, however, that your motivation is to do good, at least not completely. Your flippancy is evidence for ulterior motives, I think.

      • You’re a guy. Have a nice day.

  3. There is nothing unique or special about women supporting patriarchy. It has been done for thousands of years, and it’s not about to stop anytime soon. Women should never forget the depth to which some women will willingly turn on their own sex either for male approval or some kind of financial gain, or scrap of recognition, meager as it is. Women, never forget this. We can be very unkind, even exceedingly cruel to our own. After all, it’s usually one or more females who hold the girl down when her genitals are mutilated. Could FGM exist without the compliant females? In Chinese footbinding, the torture and mutilation small girls was carried out by her mother and other close female relatives. Of course, misogyny was the driving force behind all of this, but women were, and still are the handmaidens.

    The word disturbing wouldn’t do justice to Will “Wallace” Rees. Were Rees’s comments posted on Aminah’s Facebook page? He is casually blogging about the disfigurement and dismemberment of a female, and Aminah sees no problem with him making these comments. “Remove her vocal cords, insert an audio jack where they used to be… proceed to remove her arms ‘accidently’…” It sounds as if Rees has been watching far too much internet gonzo porn/BDSM. his is like something from Silence of the Lambs. I wouldn’t be surprised if I have nightmares just reading what he said. It’s so, well, “feminist” for men to make comments about dismembering actual females. I don’t know Brennan personally, but she would never let any man or woman get by with making sick statements like “remove her vocal cords” in reference to a woman. Rees states, “Do females with a strap destroy feminism in the same way”. What does this mean? Perhaps Rees could explain feminism to Aminah because I would be interested in hearing his opinions.

    In the mean time, the war on women goes on unabated, and there is no shortage of willing handmaidens. How will future historians view “transitioning” of female bodies, and the women who so blindly follow transgender activists? Only time will tell.


    Perhaps we are living in one of the most misogynistic periods in history, and we can’t even see ourselves for what we have become. After reading Gail Dines book “Pornland”, glancing through all the death and rape threats directed towards “rad fems”, and watching a video of FTM “top surgery”, everything is perfectly clear to me. There really is a war on women.