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A Note on Pretendbians

Pretendbians was a blog created in direct response to the rape culture concept of the Cotton Ceiling. The Cotton Ceiling – developed by transsexual porn star Drew Deveaux – posits that Lesbians are bigots for not consider transwomen as sexual partners.

This is rape culture. It is disgusting and abusive. It is a weapon used against lesbians to shame us for our sexuality. Transgender Advocates are pushing rape culture when they support the Cotton Ceiling as a discussion. BTW, they continue to do so.

The blog had been inactive for some time because I was pretty sure the point had been made. Indeed, even creeps like Savannah Garmon had backed off of the Cotton Ceiling. Accordingly, I moved the blog to a non-Wordpress server for herstory. I am a busy person, and as Morrissey said, this joke isn’t funny any more.

Transwomen, apparently not content to leave well enough alone, launched a DDOS attack against the blog and its server, knocking it offline. Transgender women then claimed that WordPress suspended the blog.

That was a lie. This blog was not on WordPress at the time of the attack. It is now, however.

It is likely that Anonymous launched the DDOS attack, as apparently they warned they were going to “get me.” Yey boys. What a victory.

Or maybe it was one of these people. Who cares? All I know is that it was some creepy dude who thinks lesbians should never say “I can see your dick.”


You give respect, you get it. You give disrespect, you get disrespect. It’s all up to you.

– the management

We aren't 18 year old boys, sir.

We aren’t 18 year old boys, sir.

A Woman’s Work For The Man Is Never Done

Aaminah Khan, who goes by @jaythenerdkid, describes herself as a “Muslim bipolar bisexual hard-femme intersectionalist geek girl genius.”

She is a HUGE FAN of catering to Men.

A Woman’s Work For The Man Is Never Done.

Also, I had no idea I went to a Trans March, ever!

proud homophobes


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Obsessive Heterosexual Harasses Lesbian Activist

Aaminah Khan, who goes by @jaythenerdkid, describes herself as a “Muslim bipolar bisexual hard-femme intersectionalist geek girl genius.”

obsessive heterosexual

She  “Loves: PJ (boyfriend) … (the fatherland) & girl stuff.”

She is one of thousands of heterosexual women who have become enamored of porn sick Queer culture and who harass lesbians on social media and in reality. Continue reading

This is Not An Experience of Womanhood

Being concerned that taking synthetic estrogen robs you of your ability to produce sperm and father children is not an experience of womanhood or being female.

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Oh Noes, Sissy Krystal Is Back


Some Guy on the Internet

Wants attention…

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Bring On The Dykeless Dyke Marches!




Emelia Foldaway, London Dykeless March Organizer

TRIGGER WARNING: Emelia Foldaway BDSM Photos after the cut.

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Dear creepy men – whether you are a dude or whether you are a dude who wears a dress and says you are a lesbian, you are the same creepy dudes.  You are boundary-violating creeps, one and the same.

We will out you with your own filth.



Like You Needed a Button






The following list comprises live links to the tumblr sites of people who have lost touch with reality and operate in their own private little fantasy worlds.


Thanks Toni!

The goal of “trans” whacktivists is to ERASE “woman” from reality

The goal of “trans” whacktivists is to ERASE “woman” from reality

I found this utterly disgusting quote on the anti-feminist blog “fword”:

“Feminists more than anybody else should know that being a woman is not about socially constructed gender roles. And it’s not about a uterus or menstruation or even the absence of a Y chromosome, because plenty of women don’t have a uterus, don’t menstruate, and some women do have a Y chromosome (XXY is just one of the many configurations possible.) If ‘woman’ can (or should) be defined, it is by subconscious gender, that part of your id which knows who you are and would still know if you were a brain in a jar. That can’t be policed. Whether or not it would be desirable, reasonable or legal to try to exclude trans women, it’s not possible. Or at least, not without looking very much like the same patriarchy that I thought we were overthrowing.”

Think about it, carefully: “If ‘woman’ can (or should) be defined, it is by subconscious gender, that part of your id which knows who you are and would still know if you were a brain in a jar.”

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The psychological basis of “Die cis scum”

“The grandiose, unrealistic sense of self that is characteristic of many persons with narcissistic disorders can be understood as a defense against what would otherwise be overwhelming feelings of inadequacy or shame (Kohut, 1971). In the case of nonhomosexual MtF transsexuals, this unrealistic sense of self might include the belief that one passes undetectably as a woman, despite having unmistakably masculine physical characteristics; that one has a ‘female brain’ in one’s male body, despite having male-typical interests and attitudes; that eroticism had nothing to do with one’s gender transition, despite an extensive history of cross-gender fetishism; and that one is exclusively sexually attracted to men, despite a past history of attraction to, and sexual activity with, women…  Continue reading

Peak Trans: The Musical

Peak Trans was a blog post written by the amazing blogger radicalfeministcrafts in August of 2011. It describes the moment when a previously supportive trans ally becomes “over it.” For radicalfeministcrafts, her peak trans moment, as described in the post (now deleted, RIP) was when she read a blog post by Pretendbian Vexing describing how you must twist your sexual attractions in order to not hurt trans feelings (this foreshadowed the Cotton Ceiling).

Peak Trans: The Tumblr gives you a forum to describe your peak trans moment.

H/T Gay Not Queer for doing this.

And now, without further do do, Peak Trans.

Gay, Not Queer: Dicks are dangerous

“Dicks are dangerous.  They belong to males.  Males are dangerous.  Not all males, but enough to fuck things up.  Fucking things up, overwhelmingly, for females.  Stop denying this.  Stop denying the dangers posed to females by males.  Nobody is saying that every dude is a rapist, but enough are to warrant women’s suspicion of every dude.  It’s offensive as hell that these dicksplaining assholes are ridiculing women for being concerned with their own safety and well-being.  I’m not even female and dudes and their dicks scare me.  I say this as a gay male who has been a victim of sexual violence at the hands of another male.  I say this as a gay male who knows well the dangers of dick given the threat of HIV/AIDS and other STIs in the gay male community.  Dudes and our dicks are dangerous.  Dangers of dick: disease and possible resulting death, rape, pregnancy, pregnancy complications, post-natal complications, abortion, and on and on.  Dick danger denialism is delusional.  By engaging in it you are doing injustice to those harmed by dudes and their dicks, the vast majority of whom are female.  Stop it now.” – GNQ.

Magic Poppy Says: Again, there is no such thing as cis privilege, and female reality matters

What misogynist bullshit to suggest that we should feel guilty for having been born female.  As if we’re not made to feel uncomfortable because of it every day!

After spending several months reading trans activists in an attempt to understand exactly what they want from us, I’ve figured some of it out.  These observations don’t describe all trans women, merely the ones who drive the pomo/queer studies-influenced transgender activism that dominates the public discourse on this issue.

Trans women activists write with the assumption that the gender-identity based discrimination they face cannot be addressed without erasing sex-based oppression of females.  This is completely untrue, as both concerns can be addressed congruently.  The question is why trans women take this extreme stance.

Part of it is that they can’t be regarded as female in the sense that biological females are unless female as a sex class ceases to exist.  It’s not good enough for them to be considered women, they’ve got to be seen as female in every sense that biological females are.  Trans women are deeply threatened by females discussing their physical realities that trans women don’t share.  They want us to shut up about everything that doesn’t involve them.

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So, If You React to Feminists Like You are “Mentally Ill,” Are We Supposed to Ignore that? Just Checking.

Do you really expect civil discourse after attacking trans women so viciously? How do you expect us to react we you call us mentally ill?

Gender Identity Disorder is very much a mental illness. It causes people to:

— hate their own bodies up to and including a strong urge to cut off perfectly normal, perfectly healthy body parts, take dangerous hormones, etc.;

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Some Trans Kids Worship School Shooters!

I don’t know about you, but this strikes me as scary and fucked up! I mean, really, do we really thing that we need more school shootings?

And you wonder why Females don’t want you guys near us!

H/T Magic Poppy

Transphobic sparkly uterus

Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves

Trans Tactics & Mary Daly

From Mary Daly’s Gyn/Ecology (1991 ed.) p.8

A-mazing Amazons must be aware of the male methods of mystification. Elsewhere I have discussed four methods which are essential to the games of the fathers. First, there is erasure of women. (The massacre of millions of women as witches is erased in patriarchal scholarship.) Second, there isreversal. (Adam gives birth to Eve, Zeus to Athena, in patriarchal myth.) Third, there is false polarization. (Male-defined “feminism” is set up against male-defined “sexism” in the patriarchal media.) Fourth, there is divide and conquer. (Token women are trained to kill off feminists in patriarchal professions.)

The trans cult are doing all these things.

1. Erasure: Women’s studies professor, Joelle Ruby Ryan, says the word “female” is outdated and offensive; women are shamed by accusations of ‘transphobia’ and ‘cissexism’ merely for talking about issues pertaining to females such as birth control and reproductive functionality.

2. Reversal: M2T trans call their penises “giant clits”; M2T trans insist that they are women and demand access to female spaces.

3. False polarization: Trans feminism is male-defined feminism. Trans women are male. Cissexism and transphobia are male-defined constructions.

4. Divide and conquer: Females are actively organising with male bodied trans people to shut down spaces created by and for females.