The Rise of the Oppression Fetishists


Yv7PACLThese are men.

o-TRANSGENDER-570These are men who think being a woman is a thought, a feeling, an idea.


These are men who think being a woman is a matter of growing his hair long.


Or adopting woman voice.

r-TRANSGENDER-WOMAN-large570Or adopting womanly mannerisms.


Or boobs. Big, fake, plastic boobs.


He’s a woman because he says so.


He’s a woman because he killed his ex-wife for it.


He’s a woman because he’s a stereotype of what “a woman” should be.


He’s a woman because he runs the New York City Dyke March.


He’s a woman. Don’t question it, bigot.



You’re damn right he’ll use the women’s room. He’s a woman! He says so.


And how they love the validation.271368_1364263793.951

How they love your financial support to buy those parts of being a woman they can’t simply invent.

hqdefault (1)

Because no one is more oppressed than a man who says he’s a woman.

Just ask him.


Women’s oppression is your fetish.







3 responses to “The Rise of the Oppression Fetishists

  1. You fucking sick bastards, Women’s oppression is my fetish, The Fuck you think your talking about?. None of these people have decided to do this as a way to oppress women they have no choice. Around 45% of trans people have suicidal thoughts and 38% kill themselves. They do this to save their lives. And one thing that really pissed me off is that you have put up an image there of Drew Barrymore (3rd one down), A woman who due to her Television appearance taught many young trans people that they should stick up for what they believe in! and for many non-trans people that actually trans people are ordinary people who need to live their lives in this way in order to save themselves. There is no Women’s oppression here just Trans Oppression, you saying things like this hurts many trans peoples feeling. But what exactly is a Trans person doing to your feelings nothing! who cares how people decide to live their lives as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody everyone should be accepted for who they are.

  2. DaveSquirrel

    Best post ever!

  3. blackmetalvalkyrie

    i hear its really hard having a dick…