Why Pretendbians?

As Lesbians, we grow weary of “lesbians” who tell Actual Lesbians that we don’t speak for Lesbians and that Actual Lesbians are bigots because we don’t want to “affirm trans woman realness.”


Pretendbians who disrespect Lesbians will be acknowledged!  The *specific* trans people featured on this blog oppress Lesbians by (including but not limited to) (1) asserting Lesbians are bigots for not wanting to fuck them; (2) asserting Lesbians are nazis for opposing gender identity as currently framed; (3) invading WBW space. They have earned their place here with their actions.

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  1. FightsMisogyny

    Straight males with any self-awareness at all stopped calling themselves “lesbians” in the 80’s — just more evidence for how antediluvian the trans cult is. (Look it up, fellas, it means your retro misogyny is so old it isn’t even ironically chic.)

  2. Men claiming to be lesbians trapped in male bodies: It’s not just a joke anymore. 😦

    Oh yeah, and if you’re a lesbian and you don’t want to have sex with one of these doooods, then they say you are discriminating against them. Not kidding.

  3. You’re actually just a transphobic jerk and a cyberbully.

    No love,
    a lesbian [who happens to have a vagina]

  4. “Pretendbians” excellent!

  5. “We don’t hate you, we hate appropriation.”

    No, actually, your hatred is pretty clear. This site is clearly intended to vilify, marginalize, and – by publishing people’s names and photos without their permission – incite hate towards trans women. Doing so anonymously is both hypocritical and cowardly.

    As far as ‘antediluvian’ misogyny, the true archaic position here is your desire for a return to the essentialist feminism of the 1970’s, which made dominant white, cis, middle-class women without disabilities. Trans women, women of colour, women with disabilities, and all of the other oppressions and intersections those experiences make up know this, and we see your words and actions for what they are.

    Enjoy your echo chamber, and hold tight to your hate. Things are changing, and they will continue to change with or without you.


    ED. NOTE – We don’t hate you, we hate appropriation.

    • Alexandra Erin

      Editor: If you hate appropriation, you should consider changing your blog name. You clearly took the word “pretendian” (a term relating to native oppression) and stuck a b in the middle to make it about lesbians. The resulting word 1) doesn’t work on any level and 2) is appropriative as all get out.

      Also, it’s ridiculous that this blog’s supporters deride trans* folk as being Orwellian and deriding the idea of “echo chamgers” while banning the use of words like “cis”. Only one set of ideas are welcome here! If you try to bring in new ideas, that’s like Big Brother or something…

      It’s also disingenuous as all get out to pretend that there’s no villification. “Oh, we’re just reposting pictures in a new context. How can that be bad? How can that be threatening?” Really? That’s the kind of tactic I’d expect from patriarchy.

      Of course, that means I should expect it from this kind of radical feminism, which doesn’t want to dismantle anything… it wants to move in.

      This site doesn’t fight misogyny, it focuses it on specific, more vulnerable women to the benefit of some women.

      ED. NOTE – Pretend plus Lesbian = Pretendbian. Who has banned the word “cis”? You seem very concerned about patriarchy EXCEPT when it impacts Lesbians.

      • Alexandra Erin

        Who banned the word “cis”? The comment right below this outlines rules with a “three strikes” clause, and that’s one of them. And in the process of telling people which ideas are and aren’t acceptable, said comment also decries echo chambers.

        And yes, I do care about patriarchy impacting lesbians, but that has nothing to do with what you’re doing here, which is to out some lesbians and target them for hatred. This site endangers lesbians. It endangers women, It serves no purpose except to endanger these women, and by that means serve as a warning to other women like them. This is a pro-patriarchy site. It does nothing to fight patriarchy while advancing the cause of patriarchy in a highly specific area. You can’t even say that the women you’re painting bullseyes on are collateral damage because no women’s rights are being protected by doing so. You’re literally doing nothing but lending your weight to a patriarchal cause.

        Anyway, the preschool level defense of the hate speech here is “WE’RE JUST REPOSTING PUBLICLY AVAILABLE STUFF HOW CAN THAT BE BAAAAAAAAAAD?” Well, here’s another blogger who also enjoys outing lesbians and posting their personal information… of course, according to you, re-posting a picture and some info is a perfectly innocuous, non-threatening, non-hateful thing to do.

        So would you defend her?

        Is she not harming anyone?

        If you can’t say that what she’s doing is harmless, then you can’t say the same about what you’re doing here. Regardless of whether you think it’s somehow pro-women to be against some women or not, you can’t say it’s harmless.

        ED. NOTE – You are dumb. Commenters don’t set rules. Keep it up, I am about ready to adopt a rule that says no dummies. Also, that tumblr serves no discernable political purpose. This one does – this is for pricks that ACTIVELY APPROPRIATE LESBIANS. GOT IT?

  6. fightsmisogyny

    New Rule: If you haven’t read any feminist theory from the 70s, you aren’t qualified to talk about who was talking about what. Another New Rule: If everything you know about this issue is from your own tiny circle of internet friends, you don’t get to talk about “echo chambers.” And Another New Rule: If you use the words “cis” or “essentialist feminism” or “intersections” you’ve already proven that you have no original ideas because you have no idea what you’re talking about, but just parroting a bunch of academic nonsense that you don’t actually understand.

    3 strikes and you’re out, dude.

  7. So sad you drank the Kool-Aid, Nicholle. Won’t do you any good — your acquiescence to the trans delusions will not save you from getting rolled over by them. Come back to the fold when you wake up from the brain fog brought on from reading too much of the weird crap trans nation is peddling.

  8. Nicholle may or may not be a WBW, clearly, she’s male-centric and ignorant about Feminism.

    Like most genderites/transits, she selectively focuses on one tiny facet of Feminist Herstory. The period of self-correction by white, middle class Feminists. Like most genderites/transits, she ignores, or is ignorant of, Liberal Feminism, Socialist Feminism, Radical Feminism, Third World Feminism, Womanism, etc.. Nicholle is an anti-lesbian propagandist in the tradition of Karl Rove and Lee Atwater.

    What can be said about someone who equates logic, critical thinking, objective reality with “hate”?

    I don’t care if she drinks the trans, Orwellian “kool-aid”. Ignorance comes at a price, and s/he is bound to take lumps for it.

  9. gudbuytjane said: “This site is clearly intended to vilify, marginalize, and – by publishing people’s names and photos without their permission – incite hate towards trans women. Doing so anonymously is both hypocritical and cowardly.”

    Let’s deconstruct gudbuytjane’s double-think, shall we….

    How is reposting photos from the internet – photos posted by the individuals, themselves – vilifying? Trans folks placed those photos in the public domain, not anyone at this site. Could it be that viewing these photos outside of their intended trans-Orwellian context casts them in a clarifying light, a light gudbuytjane insist others NOT acknowledge lest it expose the sham?

    As to marginalizing the shamsters….. They marginalize themselves. It’s part of the “rush” for them. They just don’t like anyone exposing that, or their exhibitionism, in a context NOT of their making. They insist we all be bobbleheads, and mindlessly go along with them. If we don’t, we’re “haters” and “phobes”. (Me, I’m just not down with trans haute couture. Not a good look at all.)

    I don’t “hate” trans people – I’m indifferent to their self-preoccupation and inner/outer dysmorphia. However, I do aim to stay reality-based and expose their antediluvian agenda because it’s harmful to lesbians/women.

    As to “hypocritical and cowardly”…. Talk about “hypocritical and cowardly” ! ! ! ! Trans activists have been publishing the names and photos of their real or imagined enemies for years (and that of their children, too). Guess trans thought they were immune from the consequences of that choice, them being so special and all.

  10. Thumbs up on this site! Another one that makes total sense, for us born female Dykes/Lesbians who WON’T allow our identities or our culture to be appropiated by the born male/wanna be male trans agenda….

  11. Who in the fuck do you think you are, policing people’s identities and sexualities? Who are these “males” claiming to be lesbians? Are you seriously trying to peddle the idea that cis males are appropriating the lesbian identity?

    I believe you to be talking about trans women, in which case take your fucking disgusting transmisogyny off the internet and eject it from your head. Fucking read a goddamn book!! Realize that maybe it’s not fucking all about you.

    Use that brain of yours and imagine what it’s like to live this everyday:
    -Your identity is invalidated at every turn by people telling you you’re not who you say you are.
    -A community of people who SAY they value support, community, solidarity, all that bullshit about supporting ALL WOMEN tell you you’re not welcome and a freak.
    -You’ve got no choice but to hide in the closet or live in stealth because once people learn your history they will treat you differently. And if “different treatment” is all you get, you’re lucky. You have to hide who you are FOR YOUR SAFETY.

    That’s what trans people (especially women) have to live in. They get to hear that shit everyday from mainstream media, hetero culture/people and lesbians like you who think it’s their place to protect something that’s not even being threatened. It’s people like you who drive a wedge through the LGBTQIA community and set us back decades. It’s people like you that further violence against trans women who are beaten, raped, and murdered on a daily basis for living their truth. You have blood on your hands.

    Anybody who stands behind this blog’s drivel is a cissexist, transmisogynyst, ignorant asshole who is responsible furthering for hate, murder, and genocide.

    ED. NOTE – THANKS STRAIGHT LADY http://www.facebook.com/kate.hadman

    • What I have to say still stands, regardless of the fact that my facebook says I’m straight. You don’t know me. Has it ever dawned on you that maybe I can’t say who I really am on a public networking site? Use that brain of yours.

      ED. NOTE – Cis appearing lady is engaged to dude on Facebook. And yes, we don’t know you, and you don’t know us, but that hasn’t stopped you from spreading your lesbophobic bullshit all over our blog.

      • I’m a lebophobe, really? You’re the one with a gatekeeping blog.

        ED. NOTE – Yes, really. Do you know what this blog is for? It is for calling out entitled pricks who abuse lesbians and lesbian space. Start your own blog, the Internet is free.

      • Straight lady, who are you to tell lesbians who is a lesbian? Or decide to redefine us? That is called teh privilege. But you are hinting that you aren’t who you say you are which…gives you…what exactly to speak from? If you’re not a dyke you don’t get to tell dykes who we are. If you don’t like people addressing you as a straight lady, then don’t masquerade and appropriate straight privilege.

    • In what way does someone else’s femininity, or lack thereof, threaten yours or mine? In what way does it violate or compromise anything I value to support members of my community and family in their expression of their femininity? How in God’s name would anyone from the lesbian community, after the way our society treats and has treated her members for so long, justify alienating one of her sisters, much less an entire sect of feminism? Why would you vilify allies of the lesbian community in such a way? Since when is it a bad thing to be who you are? Since when is it acceptable to out anyone for any reason? At what point did you decide that some people deserve equal rights, while others do not? Why do these things in such a cowardly manner? How do you live with yourself? You don’t have to feel obligated to justify what you believe to me, but you don’t have the right to treat anyone like they don’t deserve the same things you want for you and others you care about. There is not a reason in the world good enough for spouting hate like this.

      ED. NOTE – Did you even read what this blog is about? Try again.

  12. Fuck off. Seriously, just fuck off. Feminism should be an INCLUSIVE movement, not a hateful one. Trans women are women, trans men are men, EVERYONE has the right to their identity. Hating on trans women and trans* people is just unacceptable.
    What, do you really think trans* people get any kind of acceptance in ‘normal’ media? Trans* people are constantly being oppressed and marginalized. They’re not part of some conspiracy to infiltrate lesbian spaces or whatever the fuck it is you think. They’re trying to eke out something of their own in a world that, like you, is constantly trying to oppress them, insult them, KILL them.
    I’m not really surprised that you’re spewing this hateful bullshit. There are so many people that agree with you already.

    ED. NOTE – Feminism should serve the interests of FEMALES. It is not hateful to acknowledge biological difference. Who the hell are you to tell women what we should care about? Also, you seem IGNORANT of conversations and actions by trans activists to penetrate LESBIAN SPACE. See https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2011/09/06/who-are-the-males-who-sneak-into-michigan-womens-music-festival/ and http://factcheckme.wordpress.com/2012/03/13/the-cotton-ceiling-really/

    We take issue with assholes who disrespect lesbians. You respect us, we’ve got no beef with you.

  13. “Biological differences”? What, do you mean chromosomes, appearance, hormones, genitals, presence or absence of a penis? All of these things manifest in different way on different people.
    Also, I can feel free to disrespect anyone who is disrespecting EVEN MORE marginalized identities.
    I’ll add that I have a vagina, breasts, and menstruate. I identify as female, too. That shouldn’t matter, but apparently it does to you.

    ED. NOTE – Then game on lady. Game ON! PS – Female is not an identity.

  14. Hell yes, female is an identity. So is male. So is non-binary, for that matter, although I’m sure you wouldn’t acknowledge such people’s existence.
    The fact is, trans*women especially have everything working against them, more than people assigned female at birth. It’s bad enough to be a woman in this society. It’s even worse to be trans*.

    ED. NOTE – No, female is not an identity. What is this “binary” of which you speak? Are you a gender worshipper? We are not. We are gender atheists. Gender is not real. Stop worshipping it. Oh, and trans* women do not have it harder than females.

  15. Gender isn’t real? Oh, silly fucking me then, what the fuck was I thinking, back to the old dyadic formula with me. AND, YES, TRANS* WOMEN HAVE IT HARDER. Guess why? It’s because of people like you. Most people, I think, would agree with you. Most people think anyone who’s not cismale or cisfemale is a fucking freak.
    Just a question, what do you think of intersex people? Some intersexed people don’t consider themselves male or female, as is their right (EVERYONE’S right).

    ED. NOTE – Yes, gender isn’t real. Sex is real. Gender is made up bullshit patriarchy likes because it keeps females oppressed. That you embrace gender kind of makes you a regressive, conservative person. Yey you! Please keep being hyperbolic, it’s helpful.

    Oh and it is everyone’s right to think of themselves however they please, but your rights end when they infringe on ours. This is called “living with others.” I think some Intersex people get tired of trans assholes dragging them into every last argument about gender identity.

    • Can’t believe anyone who thinks men who transition have it worse than females would even bother calling herself a feminist. Seriously? Come back when you’ve read up on how many women (that’s women with XX that the majority of the world outside queertopia sees as women) are killed each year by their cis d00d partners. And the number of women and girls sexually assaulted and raped each year. Please.

      • Agreed, Grainne. Violence against women is so routine that it’s now invisible. Thus, Gerbelplec is able to hand wring over violence against trans women while simultaneously overlooking how much Females suffer. Violence is wrong – and FEMALES suffer violence in greater numbers.

  16. Yay, tone arguments. Nope, sorry, I have every right to be angry. Thank you for not responding to anything I just posted.
    And I really don’t think I’m regressive or conservative. Let me say this again. Most people think trans*people are freakish and disgusting. You’re not doing anything new by saying so.
    Sex is not something that can be easily defined, might I add. A penis doesn’t define maleness, because people can lose theirs. Neither are chromosomes, because there are XY people who are born with a uterus, vagina, etc., and XX people born with penises and testes. Some people have both sets of gonads, or neither. This stuff is confusing and complicated right at the start.

    ED. Note – Do you know what a “tone argument” is? Some of your comments are dumb, we exercise our right to laugh at you. For 99% of the world, sex is easy to define. Ask your mommy where babies come from.

  17. All right, then. How do you define sex?
    Oh, and look! Intelligence-based insults and infantilizing comments. How helpful. Once again, you’ve not actually responded to anything I’ve said. I’m not a child, and if I were, I would still have the right to have my statements actually discussed.

    ED. NOTE – You are funny. And no, I don’t think a child would act like you. Why don’t you use the Google to look up how courts have discussed “sex” – try In Re Helig. LOL at the idea that you think you have a right to have your statements “actually discussed.”

  18. Yes, silly me. What was I thinking.
    You really don’t seem any different than the religious bigots who claim that alternate sexualities are wrong and deserve to die, and who undoubtably think the same of all trans*people. Thinking that you’re the oppressed ones here. Yes, as lesbians or bisexual women, you’re oppressed. That is true, and it’s absolutely horrible in ways I can’t properly articulate. But trans* people are oppressed, too, for similar reasons. Lesbian trans*women are often hated for being lesbian by some people, and hated for being trans* by many others.
    Anyway, from what I can see of my -admittedly- cursory Google search, the court didn’t actually make clear what the definition of ‘sex’ might be. They just went by ‘common sense,’ and I suppose you are, too. That’s great, but not really very useful. I can’t find anything clearer than that, if I’m wrong, so either way it’d be useful if you could explain.

    ED. NOTE – Blah blah religious blah. No. Fail. http://factcheckme.wordpress.com/2011/08/28/radfems-are-conservative/

    Sure, trans* people are oppressed. This is a blog, however, about specific trans* people who OPPRESS LESBIANS. Got it?

    “There is a recognized medical viewpoint that [sex] is not determined by any single criterion, but that the following seven factors may be relevant:
    (1) Internal morphologic sex (seminal vesicles/prostate or vagina/uterus/fallopian tubes);
    (2) External morphologic sex (genitalia);
    (3) Gonadal sex (testes or ovaries);
    (4) Chromosomal sex (presence or absence of Y chromosome);
    (5) Hormonal sex (predominance of androgens or estrogens);
    (6) Phenotypic sex (secondary sex characteristics, e.g. facial hair, breasts, body type); and
    (7) Personal sexual identity. See Greenberg, supra, 41 Ariz. L. Rev. at 278 (citing John Money, Sex Errors of the Body and Related Syndromes: A Guide to Counseling Children, Adolescents and Their Families (2d ed. 1994)); In re Estate of Gardiner, 22 P.3d 1086(Kan. Ct. App. 2001) (citing Greenberg); Maffei v. Kolaeton Indus., 626 N.Y.S.2d 391 (N.Y. Sup. Ct. 1995); compare Corbett v. Corbett, [1970] 2 All E.R. 33, 2 W.L.R. 1306 (Probate, Divorce, and Admiralty Div. 1970) (stressing, for purposes of determining the validity of a marriage, only the chromosomal, gonadal, and genital factors); Attorney General v. Otahuhu Family Court, [1995] 1 N.Z.L.R. 603 (High Court Wellington, N.Z. 1994) (stressing importance as well of psychological and social aspects of gender); Stedman’s Medical Dictionary 1626 (27th ed. 2000) (defining “sex”).

    Click to access 38a02.pdf

  19. How, exactly, do trans*people oppress lesbians? I’m finding it difficult to understand.
    And thank you for the list. I think I’ll get to that later.

    ED. NOTE – The *specific* trans people featured on this blog oppress lesbians by (including but not limited to) (1) asserting we are bigots for not wanting to fuck them; (2) asserting we are nazis for opposing gender identity as currently framed; (3) invading WBW space.

    Enjoy the reading! It’s fundamental.

    Pray tell, why are you not *outraged* by their behaviors? We know lots of trans* people who ARE outraged by their behavior.

  20. Why are you so bigoted and gender essentialist?

    ED. NOTE – A bigot is a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices, especially one exhibiting intolerance, and animosity toward those of differing beliefs. You are the bigot. Also, gender doesn’t exist.

    • You’re actually accusing me of being a bigot? You’re the one posting trans* women’s personal information and photos and bashing them for being trans.

      ED. NOTE – Yes, we are accusing you of being a bigot. Lesbians are not entitled to express the opinion that sex matters without being attacked. No one is posting trans women’s “personal” information and photos. All of this material is FREELY AVAILABLE on the Internet. No one is bashing anyone for being trans. We are CALLING THEM OUT for disrespecting Lesbian boundaries.

  21. Women born women, is that the acronym? Ugh. Shouldn’t our spaces be for all women? Trans*women experience the same oppression. More oppression, in fact.
    And despite your claims, calling trans*women who are lesbians ‘pretendbians’ is pretty goddamned oppressive yourself. Oh, wait, trans*women aren’t REAL WOMEN because they were (almost all) born with penises. Considering that the idea of trans*women as fakes is an idea supported by the patriarchy, don’t you think that believing that and posting things like this is only strengthening the patriarchy?

    I’m not offended because I’m pretty sure there are no trans*people who actually do that.

    ED. NOTE – Why do spaces need to be for “all women”? Who gets to decide that? As Lesbians, we affirm the right of women to meet with women like them, and to set that boundary. Would you violate a space for black women? Asian women? Deaf women? No? Then why do you feel the need to violate WBW space? Women are entitled to set a boundary. Indeed, trans women set boundaries ALL THE TIME that certain spaces are only for trans women – and we support and respect their right to do so!

    Yes, Pretendbians intends to strike back at individual trans women who violate Lesbian boundaries. LOL at “strengthening the patriarchy.” Just because trans women are different than WBW does not mean we dislike trans women – we dislike pricks who insist on defining reality for us. Don’t be a prick.

    • People part of marginalized groups can have spaces of their own, yes. You’re oppressed as women and as lesbians. But you’re also cis women, and privileged in that way. Trans*women can spaces of their own. Cis women don’t get to complain about boundaries being broken when they’re the ones with the power.
      I’m pretty sure you’re the ones defining trans*lesbians’ realities by calling them fakers.

      ED. NOTE – No, we aren’t privileged to be “cis.” We don’t have power over trans women. And no, we are not defining anyone’s reality. Your reality exists.

      • Yes, you are privileged to be cis, because people assume that you are women. You will never be hated the way trans* people are for being trans*. So you’re privileged. This is pretty basic.
        And when you deny who people are, their very identities, you’re refusing to accept their reality, the way they feel. That’s defining people’s reality.

        ED. NOTE – No. Just as we don’t define your reality, you don’t define ours. See http://fabmatters.wordpress.com/2010/07/10/the-fallacy-of-cis-privilege-again/

      • One out of five women in the US experiences sexual assault or rape. 75% of them at the hands of an intimate male partner. One out of four women in the US experience domestic violence in their lifetime. One out of every twelve women is stalked at some point in her life. The privilege! It literally hurts.

  22. What the hell is your problem, and where the hell are your manners? You’re not sexually interested in trans women? Fine. Don’t like it when some trans women try to tell you that’s discrimination? You’ve got a fairly reasonable complaint — “Discrimination!” isn’t an especially useful response to “I’m not interested.” You don’t believe trans women are “really” women? You’re wrong, but you’re entitled to your stupid opinion. You’re publishing a blog with the names, photos, and identifying details of people because you’re offended by their mere existence? That is SOME BULLSHIT right there. How is it different from anti-abortion terrorists publishing the names and addresses of abortion providers on websites that advocate violence against them? Trans women come in for a LOT of violence in this world, often but not exclusively from straight men. Holding trans women up to ridicule and censure because YOU question their identity? That behavior is unworthy of anyone who claims to be a decent human being. I’m a bisexual woman and I’m ashamed to share the label “queer” with you.

    ED. NOTE – Rest assured we don’t share the label “queer” with you. You do realize that each of the people profiled on this blog have proactively violated Lesbian boundaries, right? We would ask why THAT doesn’t offend you.

    • Count me out of queer. I’m a LESBIAN and am sick of “queers” esp women who give any sexual and romantic time & attention trying to redefine us right out of their precious (l)GBTQIAAWTFLOLSMH.

  23. Cis people are privileged, because our identities are constantly validated. I don’t care how many blog posts you link to.
    Genitals do not equal gender. It’s not about wanting to be in a different box. It’s about being in the box and not being acknowledged.

    ED. NOTE – We reject “cis.” You don’t know what we look like or how we are read. You cannot determine that for us. Perhaps YOUR identity is constantly validated. As Lesbians, ours are not.

    Genitals = sex. Sex and gender are DIFFERENT. Fuck your box.

    • I’m pretty sure that FAAB women have the privilege of knowing that if they ‘reveal’ that they were assigned female at birth, no one will start telling them that they aren’t women because of their genitals.
      And, yes, that was a gross oversimplification. I was responding to the post YOU linked.

      ED. NOTE – As FAABs, we are socialized from birth as the sex class. We are made into servants. You want us to deem that a privilege? Really? If the worst thing that happened to us was someone telling us “we aren’t women,” we’d call that “a good day.”

      • OH FOR GOD”S SAKE, LET’S JUST GO AROUND IN CIRCLES, SHALL WE? Being a woman isn’t great, but being a trans*person is also terrible, and when they combine, everything becomes an utter shit-storm. Anyone who is read as a woman/feminine will be discriminated against. If one reveals that one is trans, they face more discrimination.
        WHY are you attacking other women?


        We are NOT attacking other women. We are CALLING OUT PRICKS who violate Lesbian space. Why don’t you care about that? Huh? Why?

    • ED. NOTE – We reject “cis.” You don’t know what we look like or how we are read. You cannot determine that for us. Perhaps YOUR identity is constantly validated. As Lesbians, ours are not.

      “Validated”? Ha! Trans* women are usually either seen as male or a third gender, whereas cis lesbians are still seen as women.

      ED. NOTE – Um, being seen “as a woman” is not actually a privilege UNLESS you are a trans woman (then it’s called “passing”). For the privilege of being “seen as women,” FAABs get to endure all measure of street harassment, assault, rape, death. And for those us us “not seen as women,” we get to endure all measure of street harassment, assault, rape, death. OH YES THE PRIVILEGE!

      • Trans women also have to put up with misogyny, whether they “pass” or not. They also have to put up with being refused medical treatment because they’re trans, getting thrown out of their homes once they come out, being turned down for employment because they’re trans, and lots of other stuff. Check your cis privilege.

        ED. NOTE – Ah, bless, Lucy, you’re adorable. Can you please shed a tear for lesbians? Females? Yes? Can you open your bleeding little baby liberal heart and see that trans women who violate boundaries are giant assholes? Go on, I dares ya. Give it a go. Oh, and fuck your cis privilege.

  24. That’s the same argument we’ve already had. Trans*people are oppressed. Women are oppressed. Trans*women are doubly oppressed. Cis women have power over trans*women in that sense, even though they’re so beaten down in other ways.
    A space for lesbian women obviously includes lesbian trans*women. Marginalized/oppressed people get their own spaces in space for wider groups that they’re a part of. Thus, lesbian trans* women can have special places in lesbian groups, but cis lesbians don’t- at least not groups just for being cis.
    That means that lesbian trans*women aren’t violating your space- even if they criticize you. They might just be doing so because of the bigoted comments that you make. Or do you expect them to lie down and take it while you call your sisters men?
    No, you’re not obligated to want to fuck them. To be honest, though, anyone spouting the kind of shit you spout ISN’T going to get any trans*person to want to fuck them.

    ED. NOTE – So Actual Lesbians don’t get to decide to have our own space. Is that right?

    “A space for lesbian women obviously includes lesbian trans*women. Marginalized/oppressed people get their own spaces in space for wider groups that they’re a part of. Thus, lesbian trans* women can have special places in lesbian groups, but cis lesbians don’t- at least not groups just for being cis.”

    Lesbian = Female Homosexual. So, no. Just no.

    • “anyone spouting the kind of shit you spout ISN’T going to get any trans*person to want to fuck them.”

      Um, that’s fine.

    • Dood sez: “anyone spouting the kind of shit you spout ISN’T going to get any trans*person to want to fuck them.”

      You say that like it’s a bad thing.

      I think we should hold workshops for lesbians on learning how to keep trans*people with penises the hell away from us. Thanks for the tip, dood.

  25. Joanna Wagner

    What’s with the ‘tude, Babe, some trans woman steal your girlfriend or something?

    ED. NOTE – LOL.

  26. I have one I want to add to the list. This one is Zoe Alan Brain. He’s a Middle aged Transsexual with an Idenity crisis. He likes to pretend to be Intersex and Transgender at the same time. He claims to have every intersex condition and claims to have a spontaneous sex change. Here is his link to his blog http://aebrain.blogspot.com/

    ED. NOTE – Zoe does not claim to be a Lesbian. Also, she doesn’t intrude on Lesbian space as far as we know. So, no. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THE POINT OF THIS BLOG BEFORE SUGGESTING SOMEONE. THANKS!

    • What about those pretendbians who pretend to be intersex and have you ever seen it.

      ED. NOTE – This is a blog to highlight trans women who violate lesbian space, sovereignty, etc. That’s the point of this blog.

  27. I wonder if all the haterz here were as worked up about “incitement” when some trans* folk posted public death threats against lesbians on FB, posted information about one lesbian’s home address, posted publicly about her having kids, posted the workplace information of two lesbian feminists they disagreed with, and so on and so forth? All of this on blogs and Facebook. There was a *telling* silence from all you straight “allies” and bisexual queers and lesbians who love trans* etc. There has been absolutely no call for, support for or approval of violence against trans* – including those who are appropriating OUR identity and experience and history. That is the BIG difference and it speaks about the “feminism” (and logic fails & reading comprehension fails) of the queer community. Fricken volumes.

    • PS – I have to add – in case they didn’t know bc queers don’t seem to be hep to what goes on with trans* threats against dykes – that there WERE and ARE transfolk who disavowed the stuff above and who have been ostracized for that. And that no one thinks that the sickos above represent the majority – which this blog says. What’s being talked about here – who’s being called out here – are the bullies. Get it? I didn’t even bother to get into this crap until the “cotton ceiling” crap. Which wouldn’t even be out there as a “serious” idea if lesbians hadn’t bowed to our GENDER conditioning as females and been so NICE about trans appropriation of what lesbian and woman is, and what a “woman’s space” is. Now even your own lesbian underwear is transphobic for being a “woman only” space. FFS.

    • I am guessing no, because Trans Women are entitled to their feelings and outrage and are entitled to vent their spleen any which way because they are oppressed! Waaaa!

  28. You are arseholes. Really you are. No amount of arguing is going to prove any different. Clearly the point of this site is to stir up hate, there is no other need for it even within an anti-trans radical feminist world view.

    ED. NOTE – Esther Diamond Joey! Hi! No, the point of this blog is to call our pricks who invade Lesbian space. Are you a person who thinks Lesbians aren’t entitled to set a boundary? Join your buddy kahadm – yanno, the straight lady – and start your own blog. Or country!

  29. spinsterrella

    Did anyone who is bawling “transphobia” even look at the links on each of these individual’s pages? I think not. Otherwise, they would not be adamantly defending these entitled, rape-y assholes to the death. I dare you to look at the links under Annie Danger, Twiggy Danger & June Day. This is where you will see MALE-bodied persons with PENISES, injecting their dicks, wanking off into the camera, and calling themselves LESBIANS doing LESBIAN sex acts. In whose world is that reality? This is pure, unadulterated APPROPRIATION of (female) LESBIANs. They are living in a rape-y fantasy land where they can just call themselves whatever they want and cry “transphobia” if we don’t agree. They fully believe that female lesbians, with our cotton undies, who won’t have sex with them, are just bigots with “barriers” to be broken. Is that the world you would like to live in? Fuck that.

    newsflash : WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS! WE ARE NOT BARRIERS to be BROKEN!!! NO woman, should EVER be forced or coerced or pressured into letting xyz person into her bed if she does not want that person in her bed. And she sure as fuck shouldn’t be called a bigot for any decision she makes, regardless if it hurts your feelings or “invalidates” your “identity”.

  30. This all reminds me of how I keep questioning why women would continually vote for GOP politicians when the GOP is so clearly anti-woman.

    Just like women who vote for GOP candidates, the straight women and lesbians who buy into the crap these pretendbians are spewing are sad, blind fools.

    I might be more inclined to listen to them if they werent so busy acting like posting pics these trans “women” already plastered onto the internet was “inciting violence” while simultaneously ignoring all of the actual violence and threats of rape, beatings, murder, etc of lesbians by trans “women” like these.

    No one attacked those in Camp Trans at MWMF – but wbw there were threatened, their cars were destroyed, etc – just for attending. Where is the outrage for acts like that, fellow lesbians and straight “allies”?? Where is your outrage for ACTUAL acts of violence against females??

    As for the “cotton ceiling” — fuck you. If I dont want to fuck a person who has a penis, that is MY decision and NO ONE ELSE’S. Trying to shame, convince, coerce, pressure, or trick us into fucking someone with a penis is the same as trying to rape us. Period.

    I am so fucking tired of men telling me what I can and cannot do with my own fucking body.

  31. cherryblossomlife

    Excellent blog !!

  32. Gerbelplec….. Obsessed with contrived identity much? Apparently you are…..

    Don’t you know you out yourself as male when you spew nonsense and engage in mansplaining.

    Tsk, tsk, dear

  33. eveandthesnake

    I agree with Nicole. You do act like a bunch of transphobic jerks. In the final analysis: WHO THE HELL CARES? I have no way of knowing if someone born with male parts feels more like a female. How can I know this? I wasn’t born that way.

    What arrogance and presumption. You’re lucky that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, that you can claim to be who you are without people who SHOULD BE YOUR ALLIES dumping all over you and questioning you. There are jerks who are straight, jerks who are gay and jerks everywhere in-between who will get mad at you for not fucking them. That’s just people.

    Jeez. Wow. Keep dividing allies and let’s do the right wing’s work for them. They can spend their time collecting donations to lobby against us. Brilliant.

    ED. NOTE – The people profiled on this page are NOT allies of Lesbians. In fact, they HATE Lesbians. This: “I have no way of knowing if someone born with male parts feels more like a female. How can I know this? I wasn’t born that way.” IS PRICELESS.

    We don’t really CARE about “how people feel.” There is a thing called OBJECTIVE REALITY. Please try to live in it.

  34. I feel really bad about how your life has caused you to act in this way. Please get better.

    ED. NOTE – We feel really bad that the GLBT Movement continues to avoid having difficult conversations about how “gender identity” is harmful to females. We also note the lack of concern on this website for every single pretendbian profiled. Get better. Please.

  35. Ok. Here is the scenario I haven’t seen addressed.

    I’m a post operative trans woman. That means I have a vagina. I’m also a lesbian.

    While in transition prior to surgery, I made many lesbian friends, but I didn’t attempt to date them. I did go out on a few dates with bisexual women during transition, however.

    Since surgery, I’ve fallen in love with a natal girl, and we plan to get married later this year.

    So why should I *NOT* be in any woman only space of any kind at this point in my life?

    • Congratulations!

      Boundaries are negotiated by different women. If someone establishes a boundary and you don’t respect it, that makes you a prick.

      • Also, if I know a function is WBW, I just avoid it, because I don’t have any interest in going some place like that.

        Though my friends are accepting, a number of them are like “I could never date a trans girl”. Honestly, I have no problem with that, I don’t want to date someone who has those feelings, as people have the right to choose who they date based on whatever criteria that person finds important to them.

      • Oh well aren’t you open minded.

    • Also, “natal girl”? Really? You can’t say “adult female”?

      • I consider myself an adult female as well, whereas the term “natal” denotes she has had a vagina, “from the womb”, whereas I was born male bodied, and had to have surgery to have a vagina.

      • Um, no. You are not female. You might be “legal status female,” but not female.

      • You and I will always disagree on that one.

      • You do realize that the surgery you get to fashion a “vagina” is just cosmetic, yes? You do realize that females don’t need to dilate their vaginas, yes?

        No disrespect intended, but please don’t disrespect female reality.

  36. a fake fuckhole is not a vagina.

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  38. Oh, fuck you. Gender is a psychological and social construct, if a person identifies as female THEY FUCKING ARE. Simple as that. You know, you radscum disgust me.
    You wonder why a trans* lesbian is offended when someone rejects based on her being trans*? Because its wrong. She is just as much of a woman as anyone else.

    • supasaiyen

      If someone one identifies as a lizard then by god they are one. The insanity of identity politics never ceases to amaze me.

    • Glad I could clear that up for ya.

      Women do not have a penis and you weirdos can stomp your big man feet all you want and it won’t make you female. See a mental health professional. Stat.

  39. So , what exactly is everyone’s definition of a female?

  40. docta femina quae cogitat

    A female is a biological being with the potential for sexual reproduction, this is not actualised in a small minority of cases, but potentiality remaines an inassailable fact. ‘Feminine’ and ‘woman’ are social constructs of the specific kind of gender, which has a meaning only in a dominatory society where oppression occurs on the basis of biological sex, in this case patriarchy. ‘Woman’ is often used as a substitute for ‘female’ in a patriarchal society, and the word ‘feminine’ is adjectival or adverbially used to either erroneously demarcate gendered constructs essentially ascribed to females, or refer to the content of the gendered construct itself (essentialism is, in standard philosophical and scientific vocabulary, the attribution of behavioural characteristics to biological determinism or any philosophical notion of an inherent nature, for instance body/mind dualism or separateness, human nature etc).

    Essentialist ideas in a dominatory society lead to confusion between sex and gender because gender is reified (made into an external fact or thing when it is only a social construction based on mistaken and oppressive ideas and practices). Transgenderism is a byproduct of this environment, though it is not the sole factor.

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  42. Mary Sunshine

    Don’t know where else to put this comment, but *thank you* for the “new look” of Pretendbian; it’s so much easier to read now.

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