Trans Critical Blogs – Because It’s Legal to Disagree with You


Gay, Not Queer





twanzphobic since forever


18 responses to “Trans Critical Blogs – Because It’s Legal to Disagree with You

  1. It’s amusing since I’ve been on some blogs that these and they’re often much more heavy on censorship than trans sites.

    In particular I remember Dirt only letting through comments from angry FtMs to make them look worse than they really were, and blocking any reasonable replies.

    If you can’t take out your trash, why should we take out ours?

  2. I know that you have disabled comments for the OK Cupid post but I’ll follow up on here anyway. OK Cupid Does not have an option when signing up to select a gender other than male and female. It also doesn’t allow you to specify what “sex” you are attracted to. You’re imposing that all transwomen should be only attracted to men. This is a very close minded statement. If there was an option for “attracted to females” instead of just lesbian I’m sure transwomen attracted to women would select this option instead. Need not flag the users for misuse of the site, contact OK Cupid to have features added. I’m sure this is a rational solution for this issue. You may now direct your anger at Ok Cupid and not transwomen.

    • Anger? you’re funny.

      You should date straight ladies. Thanks!

      • Oddly enough, gay men aren’t attracted to that which we call ‘transwomen’.
        Straight men are attracted to ‘transwomen’, if they pass- these men consider themselves to be straight anyway. The gay guys consider themselves gay. Now, if you have straight men liking ‘transwomen’ and gay guys not liking ‘transwomen’, which is more likely: that these straight men are not straight, and these gay men are not gay, or that ‘transwomen’ are physically close enough to ‘real women’ that the difference between the two approaches insignificance?

        Anatomically speaking, ‘transwomen’ are hermaphroditic, in that they posses elements of the female body and elements of the male body. Chromosomally speaking, they are male. Visually speaking, for the ‘transwomen’ who pass, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if they were clothed.

        So, practically speaking? Socially the ‘transwomen’ who pass are women. People can’t tell a difference and thus, unless they indicate otherwise, they are treated the same. In this case, you are making a distinction without a difference. Medically speaking, ‘tranwomen’ are different from ‘real women’, but because of the hormones they’re taking, they’re also different from men. ‘Transwomen’ need to get checked for both prostate and breast cancer. In this case, your distinction is valid.

        However, it seems like the majority of your grievances against ‘transwomen’ are social in nature, and thus the distinction is fairly meaningless. Insofar as anatomy plays a role in physical attraction, then yes, it’s perfectly valid for you not to be attracted to a ‘transwomen’. However, you really ought not criticize gynephilic ‘transwomen’ for catering to the only demographic that will have a chance of being attracted to them, namely, ‘lesbian’ and bisexual women. For these people, straight women are simply not an option.

        I type all of this out, knowing that the average length of your responses are ten words, indicating that you’re not really interested in considering the arguments being made by those who comment on your blog. I’m not even certain if this is even a serious blog- it really seems like an elaborate hoax to try and make people angry.

        Were you ever a member of the Westboro Baptist Church by any chance? Your tactics seem very similar… Maybe I shouldn’t gaze too long into the abyss…

      • No, sir. Have a nice day. And thanks for the loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong mansplaining post.

  3. Oh God. It must be so fucking tiresome to be asked to “consider the arguments” of people who don’t give a shit of your own arguments in the first place and just want you to agree to what they’re saying, just because if you don’t, you’re a “mean” person, a bigot and a transphobic (and must be killed for having the insolence of uttering some facts that some people want to ignore/forget). How dare you refuse to play the make-believe game ? Bad, bad woman. Women are supposed to be so “inclusive” you see, they’re so inclusive that they don’t know their own limits, and how to fight back when someone is being abusive/ intrusive. It’s the woman’s gender : the eternal Doormat. Welcoming, nice and gentle. Full of wisdom, because they’ve lived so much abuses that nothing can’t hurt them anymore. They don’t count them anymore. They’ve seen it all and it makes them stronger (inside). The pain made them wiser, they should be thankful for the all the suffering.
    Don’t ask if you can enter the room, of course you can, and yes please, wipe you dirty shoes full of crap on my back when you’re at it. I don’t mind it at all.

  4. also “actual lesbian” is your words not ours, so don’t put them in our mouth to perpetuate your malignant, ignant hatred.

  5. i am in your restroom, getting piss on the seat and there is nothing you can do about it. im not a man, you are a nazi. all you want is for transsexual women to die, but here i am pissing in the women’s bathroom right next to you in a non sexual way that you interpret as perversion. excuse me for releasing my bladder in a cubicle that is supposed to be private you evil weak hearted hypocrite. you are not a feminist. you are something that cheapens feminism.

  6. funny how you tell me to shoo, but this website is literally directed at grabbing the attention of transsexual women. you do not want any sort of political equality, you want me to die.

  7. i am not your enemy, but you are clearly mine.

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