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Obsessive Heterosexual Harasses Lesbian Activist

Aaminah Khan, who goes by @jaythenerdkid, describes herself as a “Muslim bipolar bisexual hard-femme intersectionalist geek girl genius.”

obsessive heterosexual

She  “Loves: PJ (boyfriend) … (the fatherland) & girl stuff.”

She is one of thousands of heterosexual women who have become enamored of porn sick Queer culture and who harass lesbians on social media and in reality. Continue reading

Stay In Lane


Over the past year, I have read some – certainly not all – of the speculation about Pretendbians and why it exists.

“Cathy Brennan hates men. Cathy Brennan is secretly attracted to men. Cathy Brennan is a man.”

You all sound like the Adults in Peanuts speaking. Also, make up your fucking minds.

A reminder: the reason Pretendbians exists is because of the utter lack of respect transwomen (and, let’s be honest, their female “allies”) have shown for lesbians.

Without the Cotton Ceiling, there would be no Pretendbians.

Without the endless demands that lesbians consider males as sexual partners, there would be no Pretendbians.

Transwomen, I just ran across a press release for a dating website FOR FEMALES. You can read about it here. This lesbian dating website is not FOR YOU.  Because transwomen ARE NOT FEMALE.

Respect that. For once, respect that.

Lesbians are female homosexuals.

We don’t have a penis. We don’t have balls. We don’t have male socialization.   We aren’t eunuchs.

We are women.

We love women.

We desire intimate relations with OTHER WOMEN.

Transwomen, respect that. You will never be women, but you certainly can be decent human beings.

Try it.

New Hampshire Notices Stacie Marie (a.k.a. Barry) Laughton… Has A Criminal Record

New Hampshire and national news outlet are all aflutter over the first openly transgender Woman Stacie Marie (a.k.a. Barry) Laughton… being a convicted felon.  Although this information was easily accessible before the election, New Hampshire Republicans are now calling for Stacie to resign.

Stacey Laughton

New Hampshire, home of Joelle Ruby Ryan. Talk to me. What’s up?


Stacie Marie (a.k.a. Barry) Laughton


So the national MSM is celebrating the election of the first Openly Transgender Person to state-wide office.

I don’t know about you, but this person seems  not so great.

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Dear Julie Bindel

Hope you are well. I am Cathy Brennan, and I am the public face of Pretendbians, a group blog that arose as a direct result of and in response to the Cotton Ceiling debacle. If you don’t know about the Cotton Ceiling, see this link and this link.

I am the public face of Pretendbians because the issue of gender identity in the GLBT Community is a sensitive one, one that Lesbians are afraid to discuss publicly for fear of being threatened or harassed. You may recall that in August 2011, I was one of the women who wrote a respectful letter asking that the definition of gender identity pushed by transgender groups in the United States be revised so as not to incorporate stereotypes about women into law. You may also recall that for that respectful letter, I was threatened with all sorts of violence. You may recall these things because I sent you messages on Facebook about it, but as you never replied, perhaps you didn’t receive them.

I am the public face of Pretendbians because we need to have a public discussion about the issue of gender identity and how it impacts – negatively – Lesbians and Lesbian Community. I am willing to be this public face because I am able to do so, and I could not live with myself if I didn’t try to impact this conversation in a manner that allowed the Lesbian perspective to be heard.

I understand that you receive threats around this issue – so do I. Male violence is a real and significant reality. Male violence fuels much of how this discussion takes place. Male violence demands capitulation.

I don’t want to capitulate. I also don’t want a sister in struggle to decide how Lesbians should discuss the negative impact of gender identity. Tough times demand tough measures. Being nice about it didn’t work. Being nice – standing alone – never works. You need all tactics to move a conversation.

I am grateful, though, that you have noticed this “war” that’s been raging. Help us end it. The concerns about gender identity raised by Lesbians are real and valid and deserve a wider audience.

Thank you, and be well,

Cathy Brennan

P.S. I am only responsible for Pretendbians. I am not responsible for any other blog you mentioned in your interview

Toby Hill-Meyer History Lesson


by Michael Munkvold

Toby Hill-Meyer, while biologically male, feels at least partly feminine in terms of gender identity—an orientation known as transgender. Hill-Meyer is also “genderqueer,” meaning someone who doesn’t completely identify as either a man or a woman. Hill-Meyer, 21, a UO student activist for the university’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning Association (LGBTQA), uses either female pronouns (which will be used in this article) or a set of gender pronouns devoid of gender, such as “ze” instead of “he” and “hir” instead of “his.” She wears either unisex clothes or clothes traditionally ascribed to both men and women. She is trying to get on a regimen of female hormones.

Since coming out as transgender and genderqueer at 19, Hill-Meyer has found support from friends and her partner, Alethia, but has also attracted confusion, scorn, and discrimination.

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You Don’t know Dick About Dykes

Gay Not Queer, The Cavalry is Here

Recently, some of us plain old gays and lesbians have taken to Tumblr to discuss gender identity.  One of the blogs on Tumblr that we like best is Gay Not Queer.

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