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This Is A Guy

Dude, I don’t care if Men work for “Women’s Rights” either.

This Guy Is Funny

For like 2 minutes, but then it dragged.



Zoë Kirk-Robinson

Zoë Kirk-Robinson is some guy who apparently trolled #RadFem2013. I’ve never heard of him, but he has some interesting ideas, like that RADFEMS WANT HIM DEAD and that RADFEMS DON’T BELIEVE HE EXISTS.

(Transwomen exist. They are men.)

Also, LULZ that transwomen GET SURGERY ALWAYS.

Err, no.


The Truth And The Lie

This is brilliant.

This is Not An Experience of Womanhood

Being concerned that taking synthetic estrogen robs you of your ability to produce sperm and father children is not an experience of womanhood or being female.

Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 9.36.19 PM

Dating in the PoMo World

One of the benefits of being an openly horrible feminist blogger is the opportunity to correspond with Women and Lesbians from all over the world (well, mostly the US, Canada, Australia and Europe, although I have regular readers in Saudi Arabia and India). I really do enjoy this, as it makes up for the regular deluge of death and rape threats I get from the peace-loving Trans folks and their cis allies. One of the most popular topics of these valued messages is how awful it is be a Lesbian trying to get a date in this Post Modern world. Continue reading

Roz Kaveney


Not a woman.

Not a lesbian.

Not a dyke.

Endangered Species: Actual Lesbians

Here is the audio of the interview I granted to Milly Shaw of Lesbilicious. Instead of writing an objective article that fairly presented both sides, Ms. Shaw decided to write anti-lesbian propaganda.

So, here’s the audio. You can listen for yourself. Please also enjoy the view of my chair. I will wait for the anti-lesbian trolls to talk about how annoying my voice is. You will also hear my dogs.


Here is the screenshot of the email from a woman who was at the bar that night and saw what actually happened.

Screen shot 2013-06-21 at 7.11.46 AM

Lesbians, you are becoming an endangered species. Hope you wake up before it’s too late.

Links referenced in the interview: UN Letter, Dyke March video, CounterPunch article, Bar Wotever video, and the Cotton Ceiling.

Desperate Trans Wacktavists are Desperate

This person – Orionist 5 – is not a radical feminist, and she has been abusive to women.

Privilege Denying Tranny

Not content to just impersonate women and in a  desperate bid to prove that women are the hateful cissy bigots they say they are, trans trolls of twitter have decided to pretend that this dude is a Rad Fem.





dudes in desperation1dudes in desperation

Who the fuck sinks this low to make fake accounts pretending to be a rad fem supporter? Yep, dudes do.  Also, Orion, what woman let alone a radfem would choose the name of a male rapist God for their handle? Nope not buying it.

Oh and Orion, your need to learn how to tuck better cause your trolly cock is showin.

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Stay In Lane


Over the past year, I have read some – certainly not all – of the speculation about Pretendbians and why it exists.

“Cathy Brennan hates men. Cathy Brennan is secretly attracted to men. Cathy Brennan is a man.”

You all sound like the Adults in Peanuts speaking. Also, make up your fucking minds.

A reminder: the reason Pretendbians exists is because of the utter lack of respect transwomen (and, let’s be honest, their female “allies”) have shown for lesbians.

Without the Cotton Ceiling, there would be no Pretendbians.

Without the endless demands that lesbians consider males as sexual partners, there would be no Pretendbians.

Transwomen, I just ran across a press release for a dating website FOR FEMALES. You can read about it here. This lesbian dating website is not FOR YOU.  Because transwomen ARE NOT FEMALE.

Respect that. For once, respect that.

Lesbians are female homosexuals.

We don’t have a penis. We don’t have balls. We don’t have male socialization.   We aren’t eunuchs.

We are women.

We love women.

We desire intimate relations with OTHER WOMEN.

Transwomen, respect that. You will never be women, but you certainly can be decent human beings.

Try it.

It’s OK to Abuse Women Cause They Have Books That Hurt Feels

Privilege Denying Tranny

You know that right? Well according to the dude bro’s at Law and Disorder  it’s perfectly acceptable behavior!

Get ready for some classic mansplaining by the pseudo left!



Let me remind you it was two women sitting at a booth with books. Not making speeches, not threatening anyone. Just chilling with some books. This is what the trans/queer community consider attacking? FFS!


Saying gender is a social construct makes people harm themselves. Get the fuck outta here.


Somehow I imagine if DGR had marked on the trans hand they would be crying bloody murder.


LOL Peacey. What a peace lovin dude.


Violence against women is OK cause men in dresses feelings are more important.


DGR books are being called “HATE FILLED PROPAGANDA  on par with Mein Kamph. These manarchists are the same people are more than happy to have a conference as a torture porn venue, but that’s probably not hateful, white supremacist or violent against women in…

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I’m Helpful!


Hey you guys, Kill all men is transphobic. And I should know, because i am a man.

helpful trans!#killallmen on twitter is HILARIOUS.


Pretendbian Haz The Sads

lesbian1 lesbian



“The trans woman penis needs a second look.”


You can’t make this shit up.

Wow, Even I Am Shocked

So a “Trans Woman” is now criticizing me for calling the FBI on a bunch of pornsick people who support the rape of children.

Specifically, this guy:

pornsick1 pornsick freakStay classy, Trans.


What’s The Difference?


A MALE nurse who pretended to be a teenage lesbian to get access to young girls has been struck off.

Barry McCluskey, jailed for four years eight months for indecency, was told by a Nursing and Midwifery Council hearing that he will not be allowed to work as a nurse again.

McCluskey, a former employee at a hospital in Glasgow, said in a letter to the NMC that he was deeply ashamed of his actions.

The father of two was jailed in 2011 after admitting 49 offences, including posing online as a 14-year-old to get girls as young as 12 to perform sex acts.

He also filmed children in swimming pools and had almost 10,000 indecent images at his Glasgow home.

McCluskey, who was not represented at the hearing in Edinburgh, did not oppose the sanction. He told the panel in a letter: “I am deeply ashamed of what I did.

“I have to live with the consequences for the rest of my life.

“I have lost my liberty, some family members and my career.”

Panel chairman Brian Yates said: “Any lesser sanction than that of striking off would be unacceptable in the 
seriousness of this case.

“The NMC have to show that nurses who act in this manner will not be allowed to practice again.”



Anthropological Delusions

Privilege Denying Tranny

Archaeologists have discovered a 5,000-year-old skeleton which they believe may be the remains of a transgender person.



Kamila Remišová, the head of the research team, said: “From history and ethnology, we know that when a culture had strict burial rules they never made mistakes with these sort of things.”

Archaeologist Kateřina Semrádová told Czech Position: “We believe this is one of the earliest cases of what could be described as a ‘transsexual’ or ‘third gender grave’ in the Czech Republic.”


Quick, make a tenious bull shitty projection onto gender of an ancient skeleton to make sure we get that gender queer funding!

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Lesbians Must Be Punished for Noticing Men Pretend to be Lesbians

dumb ass

Concern Troll Transwomen frets that Lesbians Notice Transwomen troll Lesbians on OKCupid and uses our Political Speech Against Lesbian Erasure it as “proof” that lesbians are bad and *something something* Radical Feminists should not be allowed to have a meeting.

Here’s the original post.

And here’s more Shit That We Will Continue To Notice Until Transwomen Stop Inserting Themselves in WBW Space:

more2 more1 moreFree Speech, we haz it.



cotton1 cotton


Um, none of this is obligatory, but y’all got some real balls planning conferences about how Actual Lesbians should date y’all when you don’t want to date each other.


Oxy Moron