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Dating in the PoMo World

One of the benefits of being an openly horrible feminist blogger is the opportunity to correspond with Women and Lesbians from all over the world (well, mostly the US, Canada, Australia and Europe, although I have regular readers in Saudi Arabia and India). I really do enjoy this, as it makes up for the regular deluge of death and rape threats I get from the peace-loving Trans folks and their cis allies. One of the most popular topics of these valued messages is how awful it is be a Lesbian trying to get a date in this Post Modern world. Continue reading


gee… I wonder why that might be?

Tobi Hill-Meyer

Julia Serano

Ida Hammer

Natalie Reed

Twiggy Danger

Char the Butcher

Joelle Ruby Ryan

Indi Edwards

Jamie “Brynn Cassidy West”

Allyson “Asshat” Clarke

Morgan “Cotton Ceiling” Page

Katy Berger Tremaine

Lucy Paw/Harriet Vane

Gemma Seymour-Amper

Katrina Rose

Valerie Keefe

Drew Deveaux

Annie Danger

June Day/Angel S.

Savannah Garmon

Teresa Ellen Reeves

Jade Pichette

that’s 22 and I’m sure I didn’t get them all. Feel free to add on to this list. I would simply like people who are on the fence about this issue between trans women vs. lesbians to take a good long look at the trans women who are claiming to be so very oppressed by us terrible lesbians. Would you be just as super sympathetic to a white, heterosexual male trying to get lesbians to fuck him as you would be to the same person who has now “transitioned”?


Also, Jos Truitt.

How To Think Like A Radical Feminst – TRANS STYLE

Said in a very laydee like voice whist sipping herbal tea and wearing a modest dress.

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So, If You React to Feminists Like You are “Mentally Ill,” Are We Supposed to Ignore that? Just Checking.

Do you really expect civil discourse after attacking trans women so viciously? How do you expect us to react we you call us mentally ill?

Gender Identity Disorder is very much a mental illness. It causes people to:

— hate their own bodies up to and including a strong urge to cut off perfectly normal, perfectly healthy body parts, take dangerous hormones, etc.;

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RadFeminist Scorpion and Its Anti-Lesbian Agenda

GenderTrender recently highlighted RadFeminist Scorpion and its promotion of anti-lesbianism, most recently through lesbian FanBoy Tobi Hill Meyer!

But who are the “trans women” who routinely make shit up all day to oppress lesbians? (Like this nugget, where a demented “trans woman” named Raven – a heterosexual male in a relationship with a female – claims that I don’t care about rape). Let’s meet one!

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Is this transphobic?


How an actual conversation between radfems and trans-cultists goes

  • Radical Feminist: I believe all women should have a right to choose whether they should have an abortion or not. Abortion is a female issue. Continue reading

How Trans Women Can Be Good Allies to Females

Anonymous asked: Hi. Can you tell me what the perfect trans ally for feminism would look like? Or is there one. If we said “Yes, we are male sexed” but also women, would we be accepted as sisters? Can you describe your vision of an alliance between transgender persons and feminism? If we said “Yes. There are differences between us and cis women” would that be enough?

I can tell you how my trans friends who are allies help females.

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Trans Women Telling Females We Are Ugly Sounds Exactly Like Straight Dudes Telling Lesbians We Haven’t Met The Right Man

When Trans Women Tell Females We Are Ugly… Read This:

Rose Verbena: LOL at the “you’re fugly and your mama dresses you funny” talk. You have no idea what I look like. You’ve never seen my silky-smooth, pendulous, natural breasts. You’ve never seen my big, brown eyes with the long, silky lashes. You’ve never seen my full, womanly hips, my long, tapered fingers, my 100% natural full, juicy lips. You’ve never seen my pink, petaled vulva or felt my salty-sweet, perfectly healthy, natural vagina. And you never will.  But you can imagine what my womanly body is like — and you know that you will never, ever have one.

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Real Talk

Born-women are entitled to set boundaries to exclude mentally messed-up douche bags who want to appropriate, mansplain, transplain and in general spray their appropriation “juice” all over everything women do.

Stay out. Respect our boundaries. Back off. You’re not welcome. Do we have to draw you a picture?

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