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Jordan Davis


So at SlutWalk in Philadelphia, this man, Jordan Davis, decided to introduce himself to me as “my worst nightmare.”  Jordan Davis is a violent man who blogs for Advocates for Youth.

Funny that a man attending an event ostensibly about violence against women would make a threatening statement to a woman he’s never met. In fact, he hovered around me as I was talking to two other women waiting to blurt out that he was MY WORST NIGHTMARE.

I have video of Jordan’s odd behavior that I will post. But for now, this song makes me think of Jordan:


Some Trans Kids Worship School Shooters!

I don’t know about you, but this strikes me as scary and fucked up! I mean, really, do we really thing that we need more school shootings?

And you wonder why Females don’t want you guys near us!

H/T Magic Poppy