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A Note on Pretendbians

Pretendbians was a blog created in direct response to the rape culture concept of the Cotton Ceiling. The Cotton Ceiling – developed by transsexual porn star Drew Deveaux – posits that Lesbians are bigots for not consider transwomen as sexual partners.

This is rape culture. It is disgusting and abusive. It is a weapon used against lesbians to shame us for our sexuality. Transgender Advocates are pushing rape culture when they support the Cotton Ceiling as a discussion. BTW, they continue to do so.

The blog had been inactive for some time because I was pretty sure the point had been made. Indeed, even creeps like Savannah Garmon had backed off of the Cotton Ceiling. Accordingly, I moved the blog to a non-Wordpress server for herstory. I am a busy person, and as Morrissey said, this joke isn’t funny any more.

Transwomen, apparently not content to leave well enough alone, launched a DDOS attack against the blog and its server, knocking it offline. Transgender women then claimed that WordPress suspended the blog.

That was a lie. This blog was not on WordPress at the time of the attack. It is now, however.

It is likely that Anonymous launched the DDOS attack, as apparently they warned they were going to “get me.” Yey boys. What a victory.

Or maybe it was one of these people. Who cares? All I know is that it was some creepy dude who thinks lesbians should never say “I can see your dick.”


You give respect, you get it. You give disrespect, you get disrespect. It’s all up to you.

– the management

We aren't 18 year old boys, sir.

We aren’t 18 year old boys, sir.

Endangered Species: Actual Lesbians

Here is the audio of the interview I granted to Milly Shaw of Lesbilicious. Instead of writing an objective article that fairly presented both sides, Ms. Shaw decided to write anti-lesbian propaganda.

So, here’s the audio. You can listen for yourself. Please also enjoy the view of my chair. I will wait for the anti-lesbian trolls to talk about how annoying my voice is. You will also hear my dogs.


Here is the screenshot of the email from a woman who was at the bar that night and saw what actually happened.

Screen shot 2013-06-21 at 7.11.46 AM

Lesbians, you are becoming an endangered species. Hope you wake up before it’s too late.

Links referenced in the interview: UN Letter, Dyke March video, CounterPunch article, Bar Wotever video, and the Cotton Ceiling.

New Hampshire Notices Stacie Marie (a.k.a. Barry) Laughton… Has A Criminal Record

New Hampshire and national news outlet are all aflutter over the first openly transgender Woman Stacie Marie (a.k.a. Barry) Laughton… being a convicted felon.  Although this information was easily accessible before the election, New Hampshire Republicans are now calling for Stacie to resign.

Stacey Laughton

New Hampshire, home of Joelle Ruby Ryan. Talk to me. What’s up?



TERF War is a game about feminist fear and hatred of trans women.

Since the 1970s, certain branches of feminism have decried the existence of trans people and painted trans women specifically as infiltrators working on behalf of the patriarchy to destroy women’s spaces. (“TERF” stands for trans-exclusionary radical feminist.) These views treat trans women as less than “real” women and rely on an oddly essentialist understanding of gender (contrary to many other strands of feminism) that holds that gender assignment at birth dictates the “truth” of gender. Self-described radical feminists like Cathy Brennan have dedicated considerable amounts of time and energy to attacking and outing trans women, describing some as “pretendbians” (that is, pretend lesbians) and publicizing their old names and identities in a deliberate attempt to disrupt and endanger their lives. Brennan once went so far as to write to the UN to argue that legal protections for gender identity and gender expression would directly harm cisgender women.

[HOW DARE I WRITE A LETTER????????????????]

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Patriarchy’s Tools

Trans women and their allies will jump over a thousand lesbians’ dead bodies in a rush to deny the entitled, male privileged attitudes that current prominent trans women in the activist community inevitably come with.  Yes, it’s so very very important that these very special trans women are still allowed to make misogynistic, bigoted assessments about lesbians’ sexuality, AS ALL MALES DO, that it does not matter that lesbians’ sexuality is trampled over or invisibilized or that lesbians’ voices are SHOUTED OVER and IGNORED in the process.

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Peak Trans: The Musical

Peak Trans was a blog post written by the amazing blogger radicalfeministcrafts in August of 2011. It describes the moment when a previously supportive trans ally becomes “over it.” For radicalfeministcrafts, her peak trans moment, as described in the post (now deleted, RIP) was when she read a blog post by Pretendbian Vexing describing how you must twist your sexual attractions in order to not hurt trans feelings (this foreshadowed the Cotton Ceiling).

Peak Trans: The Tumblr gives you a forum to describe your peak trans moment.

H/T Gay Not Queer for doing this.

And now, without further do do, Peak Trans.

Magic Poppy Says: Again, there is no such thing as cis privilege, and female reality matters

What misogynist bullshit to suggest that we should feel guilty for having been born female.  As if we’re not made to feel uncomfortable because of it every day!

After spending several months reading trans activists in an attempt to understand exactly what they want from us, I’ve figured some of it out.  These observations don’t describe all trans women, merely the ones who drive the pomo/queer studies-influenced transgender activism that dominates the public discourse on this issue.

Trans women activists write with the assumption that the gender-identity based discrimination they face cannot be addressed without erasing sex-based oppression of females.  This is completely untrue, as both concerns can be addressed congruently.  The question is why trans women take this extreme stance.

Part of it is that they can’t be regarded as female in the sense that biological females are unless female as a sex class ceases to exist.  It’s not good enough for them to be considered women, they’ve got to be seen as female in every sense that biological females are.  Trans women are deeply threatened by females discussing their physical realities that trans women don’t share.  They want us to shut up about everything that doesn’t involve them.

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Indi Edwards, I Salute You!

I am in a bad ass song.

I am guessing Indi Edwards made this, as she is the music producer.

Thanks Indi, I love it! Can you make it downloadable?

Also, “fuck your cis.” Can you work that into the remix?

Toby Hill-Meyer History Lesson


by Michael Munkvold

Toby Hill-Meyer, while biologically male, feels at least partly feminine in terms of gender identity—an orientation known as transgender. Hill-Meyer is also “genderqueer,” meaning someone who doesn’t completely identify as either a man or a woman. Hill-Meyer, 21, a UO student activist for the university’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning Association (LGBTQA), uses either female pronouns (which will be used in this article) or a set of gender pronouns devoid of gender, such as “ze” instead of “he” and “hir” instead of “his.” She wears either unisex clothes or clothes traditionally ascribed to both men and women. She is trying to get on a regimen of female hormones.

Since coming out as transgender and genderqueer at 19, Hill-Meyer has found support from friends and her partner, Alethia, but has also attracted confusion, scorn, and discrimination.

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Tobi and Her Ladystick – at a Female-Only Space Near You!

Hai! Trans women do not belong in Female-Only space. Females have a 100% right to set a boundary.

Please respect that.

Below the fold is porn!

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Thanks for the Shout Out, Monica Maldonado!

From Ms. Magazine, which cannot be bothered to talk to radical feminists any more.

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Is this transphobic?


Aww, Bless, Indi Got A Clue

So is Cathy Brennan a political lesbian or a radical lesbian separatist? Please, do make up your minds.

TransScorpion Pushes Lesbians to Overcome Lesbianism



Threats, We Have Threats!

Hey there, everybody who has stupid-ass issues with trans*people:


Especially you, radfems—fuck you for even calling yourselves feminist with all that logic- and morality-free sewage you’re spewing. I’m comparatively fucking cis and I’m sick and fucking tired of your bigoted bullshit. OTHER CIS PEOPLE, ESPECIALLY OTHER FUCKING FEMINISTS, SHOULD NOT HAVE TO CALL YOU ON THIS. YOU SHOULD BE LISTENING TO TRANS*PEOPLE.

For fuck’s sake.

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“Actively Stalk and Harass”

Today I received the following text message from 1-717-574-8727.  It says: “How can you say you’re a feminist when you actively stalk and harass other women? What do you possibly gain from making yet another woman feel unsafe for  simply existing?”

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Gay Not Queer, The Cavalry is Here

Recently, some of us plain old gays and lesbians have taken to Tumblr to discuss gender identity.  One of the blogs on Tumblr that we like best is Gay Not Queer.

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