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Trans Tactics & Mary Daly

From Mary Daly’s Gyn/Ecology (1991 ed.) p.8

A-mazing Amazons must be aware of the male methods of mystification. Elsewhere I have discussed four methods which are essential to the games of the fathers. First, there is erasure of women. (The massacre of millions of women as witches is erased in patriarchal scholarship.) Second, there isreversal. (Adam gives birth to Eve, Zeus to Athena, in patriarchal myth.) Third, there is false polarization. (Male-defined “feminism” is set up against male-defined “sexism” in the patriarchal media.) Fourth, there is divide and conquer. (Token women are trained to kill off feminists in patriarchal professions.)

The trans cult are doing all these things.

1. Erasure: Women’s studies professor, Joelle Ruby Ryan, says the word “female” is outdated and offensive; women are shamed by accusations of ‘transphobia’ and ‘cissexism’ merely for talking about issues pertaining to females such as birth control and reproductive functionality.

2. Reversal: M2T trans call their penises “giant clits”; M2T trans insist that they are women and demand access to female spaces.

3. False polarization: Trans feminism is male-defined feminism. Trans women are male. Cissexism and transphobia are male-defined constructions.

4. Divide and conquer: Females are actively organising with male bodied trans people to shut down spaces created by and for females.


Thanks for the Shout Out, Monica Maldonado!

From Ms. Magazine, which cannot be bothered to talk to radical feminists any more.

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