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Avery Edison


Avery Edison is a heterosexual man who thinks he is a lesbian. He is also a stand-up ‘comedian’ so maybe this is a bad joke.


Here is Avery being “funny”:


Happy Anniversary, Pretendbians!

We totally forgot to wish you a happy anniversary! It’s been one year since the stupidity of the Cotton Ceiling broke! And one year since we created this blog to push back against the Rape Culture and Lesbophobic sludge produced by so-called Transgender Activists!

We understand rape culture promoters like Savannah Garmon continue to push the Cotton Ceiling theory without CALLING it the Cotton Ceiling. Because, yanno, the Cotton Ceiling is “problematic.”

So, happy anniversary! May the next year be filled with sanity and understanding that Lesbians are not bigots for not wanting sexual relations with Men, err, Trans Women.

cotton ceilingcotton ceiling1cotton ceiling2cotton ceiling3

Jade Pichette on the Cotton Ceiling

jadepichette talks about the Cotton Ceiling while lying in bed and playing electronic music.

Jade – You’re a guy.

Keep hitting that wall. That cotton “panty” wall.

“Cotton being panties, you might make out with us, you might flirt with us, you might allow us in your spaces, but there’s that wall that gets hit.”


PS – It’s double entendre.

Jennifer McCreath

Jennifer aka Jeff McCreath is a Man in Canada who thinks he’s a Woman. You can read about Jeff McCreath here.

Here is his disgusting video that he made in response to Roseanne Barr speaking out in support of the right of Women to establish a boundary based on sex.

Jeff states at 2:16 that Roseanne should be ok with Trans Women (and their penises) in private spaces because “you (Roseanne) seem to have no trouble putting them (penises) in your vagina or in your mouth.”

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Dan Savage is DTF the Trans Men!