Deluded: Making Stupid Women Suck My Dick




The nurse is pulling the stitches out of my face. I can tell that something is wrong because she doesn’t offer any of the typical “it’s-healing-nicely” affirmations that one usually expects. The doctor enters and tells me that the tumor exceeded three of the four margins of the diamond-shaped sliver of skin that he removed from my cheek one week ago. He explains that most basal cell carcinomas grow in one big lump, like a basketball, making them easy to remove in one fell swoop. But my tumor was a rarer, more aggressive type that grows unpredictably under the skin like an amoeba, sending out projections like tentacles. He tells me that he won’t know how far it has spread until the next surgery. Hopefully they won’t have to remove too much more tissue. But he can’t rule out the possibility that I might lose…

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Deluded: Making Stupid Women Suck My Dick



Did the title of this chapter make you laugh? It did? DIAF.

A friend of mine was asked to write about being a femme for a queer women’s event. She wasn’t quite sure where to begin. “It’s hard to write about being a girl,” she said, and I knew exactly what she meant.  Because even though I am male, was born male, raised male, etc., no one knows more about being a Woman than a Man. I mean, we’ve been both, so we know more than you. Also, no one believes what women say anyway, so listen up, vagina bearers!

For some time, I’ve been trying to write my own poem about what it means to be a woman. But every time I pick up my pen, I’m afraid that I’ll paint myself into a corner, betrayed by words forged from soft vowel sounds…

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Peak Stupid

00Marci would like to make sure TERFs (that is women who know penises are male organs) receive a dictionary for Christmas. I assume she means the same dictionary which says this:


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Deluded: Making Stupid Women Suck My Dick




AUGUST 2003.

When we hear story after story set in a landscape that we have never set foot in before, we can’t help but create our own mental picture of that place.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fantazied about a woman’s locker room before I finally got to go in one! Boy was that great. I realized only as my wife Dani and I turned off a dirt road and up to the welcome center that I always imagined that Camp Trans would resemble pictures I had seen of Woodstock, with tents strewn everywhere and people buzzing about busily with a sense of purpose and energy, with a sense that they were a part of history. But Camp Trans looked nothing like that. It was set on a modest-sized clearing in the middle of the woods. Cars were parked…

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Deluded: Making Stupid Women Suck My Dick



Any disagreements within feminist and queer politics stem from language. Forget about the fact that Lesbians, as Women, have different life experiences (LIVED EXPERIENCE) because there is no such thing as “shared girlhood” or “menstruation” or “developing breasts.” It’s all about language. So in order to avoid such confusion, in this chapter I will define many of the basic terms that I will use throughout this book, often with an accompanying explanation for why I have chosen certain words over others. So make sure you DOG EAR THIS SECTION OF THE BOOK, because you’ll need to refer to this section A LOT as MY definition of words often doesn’t match the ACTUAL definition of these works.

While I cannot promise that all readers will agree on the terms I use or how I define them, I do believe that knowing where I am coming…

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Deluded: Making Stupid Women Suck My Dick


Deluded: Making Stupid Women Suck My Dick

By Julia Serano


All transwomen have been deluded at some point in our lives. Indeed, we are deluded right now, as we continue to “believe” that we are women. Because of that, for some reason that we CANNOT figure out, we are sometimes excluded from certain spaces I’ll call hatebigotfest spaces, but Actual Women might call “women-only space.” Like, who are these Women not to believe us when we say we are Women? It’s infuriating that they don’t bow down to our lived experience!

In order to change this, I decided to co-opt an entire theoretical framework – it used to be called “feminism” – and center it around myself. And I noticed how much attention liberals gave to those of us who were able to rattle off all of the ways in which we are “oppressed.” Like, oooh, I know, some…

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A Note on Pretendbians

Pretendbians was a blog created in direct response to the rape culture concept of the Cotton Ceiling. The Cotton Ceiling – developed by transsexual porn star Drew Deveaux – posits that Lesbians are bigots for not consider transwomen as sexual partners.

This is rape culture. It is disgusting and abusive. It is a weapon used against lesbians to shame us for our sexuality. Transgender Advocates are pushing rape culture when they support the Cotton Ceiling as a discussion. BTW, they continue to do so.

The blog had been inactive for some time because I was pretty sure the point had been made. Indeed, even creeps like Savannah Garmon had backed off of the Cotton Ceiling. Accordingly, I moved the blog to a non-Wordpress server for herstory. I am a busy person, and as Morrissey said, this joke isn’t funny any more.

Transwomen, apparently not content to leave well enough alone, launched a DDOS attack against the blog and its server, knocking it offline. Transgender women then claimed that WordPress suspended the blog.

That was a lie. This blog was not on WordPress at the time of the attack. It is now, however.

It is likely that Anonymous launched the DDOS attack, as apparently they warned they were going to “get me.” Yey boys. What a victory.

Or maybe it was one of these people. Who cares? All I know is that it was some creepy dude who thinks lesbians should never say “I can see your dick.”


You give respect, you get it. You give disrespect, you get disrespect. It’s all up to you.

– the management

We aren't 18 year old boys, sir.

We aren’t 18 year old boys, sir.