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The Rise of the Oppression Fetishists


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This Guy Is Funny

For like 2 minutes, but then it dragged.



Zoë Kirk-Robinson

Zoë Kirk-Robinson is some guy who apparently trolled #RadFem2013. I’ve never heard of him, but he has some interesting ideas, like that RADFEMS WANT HIM DEAD and that RADFEMS DON’T BELIEVE HE EXISTS.

(Transwomen exist. They are men.)

Also, LULZ that transwomen GET SURGERY ALWAYS.

Err, no.


I’m Helpful!


Hey you guys, Kill all men is transphobic. And I should know, because i am a man.

helpful trans!#killallmen on twitter is HILARIOUS.



A Cis Ally Calls Things By Their Proper Names!


David Does Lady


Hai. I am a man.

She’s a lady

20130306-032327 PM.jpg
“Gender expression” means all of the external characteristics or behaviors that are socially defined as either masculine or feminine, such as dress, mannerisms, speech patterns, and social interactions. “Gender identity” means a person’s internal, deeply felt sense of being either male or female.

Don’t question it, bigot.

Reality Check

A Brief PSA B&W

In response to this conversation.


Uhhh.. No.


Mr. Garrison’s Fancy New Vagina




As Seen on Tumblr…


Ada Dei Aiutrix, Part Trois



Oh Tony


Self-proclaimed Sociopath Tony D’Orsay failing to realize that there is no need for an ANONYMOUS site to “rant” about “radfems,” because YOU ALL THREATEN TO KILL US QUITE PUBLICLY.



TERF War is a game about feminist fear and hatred of trans women.

Since the 1970s, certain branches of feminism have decried the existence of trans people and painted trans women specifically as infiltrators working on behalf of the patriarchy to destroy women’s spaces. (“TERF” stands for trans-exclusionary radical feminist.) These views treat trans women as less than “real” women and rely on an oddly essentialist understanding of gender (contrary to many other strands of feminism) that holds that gender assignment at birth dictates the “truth” of gender. Self-described radical feminists like Cathy Brennan have dedicated considerable amounts of time and energy to attacking and outing trans women, describing some as “pretendbians” (that is, pretend lesbians) and publicizing their old names and identities in a deliberate attempt to disrupt and endanger their lives. Brennan once went so far as to write to the UN to argue that legal protections for gender identity and gender expression would directly harm cisgender women.

[HOW DARE I WRITE A LETTER????????????????]

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Sig Privilege

Sig Privilege

One of the things that really angers all NBP people is how sig people just do not recognise their sig privilege. So this post is to educate you on the sig privilege that you have, even if you do not recognise it.

You have sig privilege if:

1. Strangers don’t assume they can ask you how you can be alive if you are not breathing.

2. Your validity as a human being is not based upon how accurately other people view your status as an alive person

3. Strangers do not ask you if you have mental health problems or are “fucking crazy”

4. People do not purposefully disrespect you by constantly saying that you are breathing and pointing to your chest whilst arguing that natural movements are a sign that you are lying and you are breathing

5. If you tell people you are a breathing person, you do not get lots of ridicule and questions about your alive status

6. You are not expected to explain to strangers, family and friends why you wear a surgical mask, how you knew you were a NBP person, or whether your NBP status is attention seeking or a sign of mental health problems

7. You do not get people calling your GP with their “concerns” when you disclose your NBP status

8. You do not get people using breagenist words like sigh, or gasping, purposefully trying to oppress and invalidate your existence, even though you have already explained they are being breagenist

Please recognise you have sig privilege that NBP people do not have.


A Little Levity, Pretendbians.

Die Miss Scum.

Indi Edwards, I Salute You!

I am in a bad ass song.

I am guessing Indi Edwards made this, as she is the music producer.

Thanks Indi, I love it! Can you make it downloadable?

Also, “fuck your cis.” Can you work that into the remix?

RadFeminist Scorpion and Its Anti-Lesbian Agenda

GenderTrender recently highlighted RadFeminist Scorpion and its promotion of anti-lesbianism, most recently through lesbian FanBoy Tobi Hill Meyer!

But who are the “trans women” who routinely make shit up all day to oppress lesbians? (Like this nugget, where a demented “trans woman” named Raven – a heterosexual male in a relationship with a female – claims that I don’t care about rape). Let’s meet one!

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You Know You Are Pissing Off the Men When You Get a Rational Wiki

MRAs and Trans Women: Two Sides, Same Dickish Coin.

Bros Before Hos, Amirite boys?

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Thanks for the Shout Out, Monica Maldonado!

From Ms. Magazine, which cannot be bothered to talk to radical feminists any more.

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