I’m Helpful!


Hey you guys, Kill all men is transphobic. And I should know, because i am a man.

helpful trans!#killallmen on twitter is HILARIOUS.


2 responses to “I’m Helpful!

  1. fawkesanonkhil

    These are getting boring. One on political lesbians would be good, i say lesbians, they really are pretendbians.

    I hear there’s one called Cathy Brennan, a real man lover who makes out she’s a feminist to get her rocks off, what a freak. I know someone from the LIC who said she was at the MRA protest, threatening the staff.

    Wow, what are the chances of you having the same last name?!

  2. Hey Cathy, thought you might like to see this. Call me Natalie. Jordman is a disgrace isnt he? The MAN never bathes or wears underwear. HE gives real lesbians like us a bad name. He doesnt clean up after himself either. He used to be my friend until he turned on me and helped get me kicked out of my appartment. I was the one who shared this with you, I hope you remember that!