Lesbians Must Be Punished for Noticing Men Pretend to be Lesbians

dumb ass

Concern Troll Transwomen frets that Lesbians Notice Transwomen troll Lesbians on OKCupid and uses our Political Speech Against Lesbian Erasure it as “proof” that lesbians are bad and *something something* Radical Feminists should not be allowed to have a meeting.

Here’s the original post.

And here’s more Shit That We Will Continue To Notice Until Transwomen Stop Inserting Themselves in WBW Space:

more2 more1 moreFree Speech, we haz it.


6 responses to “Lesbians Must Be Punished for Noticing Men Pretend to be Lesbians

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  2. Congratulations, you’ve just outed our self as that oh so special class of person, a bigoted lesbian.

    Trans people have it hard enough coping with discrimination from the straight/Cis-gendered community and now they have to cope with it from the gay community as well.

    Truth is you’re a frightened, ignorant biggots, exactly the same as the bigoted hicks who would call you a filthy dyke.

    FURTHER MORE, you don’t understand the meaning of the words scam and deception, these women ( and they are women, in the same way that ftm trans-men are men) are stating clear as day that they’re trans, not, in fact, hiding or being deceptive about it.

    If you aren’t interested in dating trams women, you have an easy option, DON’T RESPOND. Hell, you can even block them!

    Men and women, gay and straight, we all get approached by people with qualities we find undesirable, you know what we don’t do? Spew petty, ignorant, hate filled biggot-bile all over the Internet.

  3. If you’re in the right here, of you’re morally and ethically superior how come you can’t respond with rational, reasonable arguments?

    Screaming and calling names is the purview of those whose arguments are invalid. ( for example, people who argue that race, gender or sexuality effect a person’s morality).

    Just answer this single question: What harm has been done to you, or some one you know, by a trans woman selecting the ‘female’ and ‘lesbian’ options on OKCupid?

    Can you even respond to that one, simple, question?