You think I just don't understand, but I don't believe you.

One of the benefits of being an openly horrible feminist blogger is the opportunity to correspond with Women and Lesbians from all over the world (well, mostly the US, Canada, Australia and Europe, although I have regular readers in Saudi Arabia and India). I really do enjoy this, as it makes up for the regular deluge of death and rape threats I get from the peace-loving Trans folks and their cis allies. One of the most popular topics of these valued messages is how awful it is be a Lesbian trying to get a date in this Post Modern world.

I get it. Having met my three last girlfriends on Facebook (2)  and OK Cupid (1), I find the whole dating in the 21st Century experience inhumane.  How can you get to know someone by Facebook posts, or from an OK Cupid profile? Also, people lie and project – a…

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