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Privilege Denying Tranny




Was poking around Good Reads last night and was shocked (not really) to see that Privilege Denying Tranny Of  the Year, Jay “Joy” Ladin,  rated his ex-wife’s book back in November of 2012. But things got better. Apparently  giving her a one star review wasn’t enough.



Check the date, his butt hurt so much about this book that he just posted a nasty review full of sexism and misogyny. Cause a woman  speaking about her experience with a narcissist like Joy Ladin makes her story unreliable cause it’s sooooo darn angry!! Check out the coded (or not so coded) words he chooses.  I love how he plugs his own  book while writing about how his ex-wife’s account isn’t to be trusted because she’s an angry women and as always it’s hard to evaluate the reliability of an angry women, plus she’s a bigot!!! She didn’t want to continue in a relationship with my lady wang! WAAAA!!! Also, isn’t this…

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