January Hunt

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January Hunt.

Claim to fame? Harassing Lesbians at Dyke Marches.

Help him get his penis removed here.

13 responses to “January Hunt

  1. Brave new world, cowardly new bigots.

  2. Your life is very sad. Please respect people and their PGPs.

  3. Cowardly new bigots means women, right?

    I guarantee you my life is better than yours.


  4. An open letter to transactivists from a radical feminist http://tinyurl.com/yh8jwl8

  5. You are not a radical feminist, you are a reactionary bigot. No amount of stale Rick Astley trolling will make it otherwise. You have a sickness. You are no better than Limbaugh and because of your self-delusions much much worse. I guess it’s a good thing nobody listens to you, which is why you need to target people who are loved, so that their loved ones will take time paying attention to you. For some reason you care deeply about people you don’t know about taking their time to think about you. I don’t know any of the people you are attempting to bully here, but I know you. Met you a thousand times. You’re a bag of shit in a human suit.

    • You think mocking your violent friend means I care about him?

      Does being trans require you to become a narcissist, or are only narcissists trans?

  6. I mean, let’s call it what it is, you’re basically a rapist.


    Ithaca, NY


    Dude, no one cares what you have to say here.

  9. That Hybrid man left another comment. Basically, all his comments were about how I am a Nazi. So, a man, a white man, a non-Jewish person, believes lesbians are Nazis for knowing transwomen are men.

    Seriously, we are all at Peak Trans. You people are ridiculous.

    Here’s an idea – don’t harass lesbians at dyke marches!

  10. Hybrid

    (Pushy asshole is pushy!)