Reality Check

A Brief PSA B&W

In response to this conversation.

13 responses to “Reality Check

  1. A Brief PSA:
    Dear Pretendbian Moderators,
    You’re not making things better for you or anyone else.

  2. This is seriously the most hateful thing I’ve seen on the internets this year, and there’s been a LOT of hateful stuff. You are NOT feminists…you aren’t even decent human beings.

    • So, you are saying that Lesbians knowing that transwomen are male is “seriously the most hateful thing I’ve seen on the internets this year.”

      The Internets, where there is cannibal porn and child porn.

      You’re an idiot.

  3. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen cannibal or child porn. Of course it’s there, but most of us avoid that stuff. By the way, Alyssa, whom you called “sir” in this thread, happens to be a cisgender female. Just thought you should know your blind rage is catching “real women” in the crossfire. Also, that first post wasn’t a threat, by any stretch of the imagination. It was simply a statement that your anger is not improving the lives of anyone.

    • Of course, if special snowflakes haven’t seen something, it doesn’t exist.

      You people are a menace to women.

      • You’re clearly not even reading what I said. I said it is there, but that most of us avoid it. You know, by not googling it. If that’s what you like to browse on a weekday morning, that’s your problem.

        How are we a menace to women? Please be specific, because the only thing I can gather from your blog is that we annoy you (you are a woman, not women) and possibly scare you.

      • You’re an idiot. Go away. Thanks!

  4. Marginalization hurts us all, Cathy. I wish you could see that.