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I am guessing, not called Allyson, actually.

Allyson Clarke identified as Thomas Clarke until the end of junior year, when Thomas simultaneously began identifying as African-American and a lesbian. Before then, Thomas had unironically identified himself as being “part-cat.”








Huxford’s column unjust, inaccurate

Erin Clarke Guest Columnist

—Erin Clarke ‘II is a computer science major, involved in TransMission, and a senior photo editor of Squirm.

“This piece is, on its face, a rebuttal to a recent opinion voiced in The Miscellany News by Rex Huxford in his column “Sports pose unique challenge for trans athletes” (12.02.10). The expression of this rebuttal is, however, a long time coming; it is not just a rebuttal to the specific nature of Huxford’s argument, or the comments left to that argument or the attitudes inherent in the way those written, though it will take those as the i of its discontent. It is, in its heart, a reto the way Vassar regards trans people, ould like to start with a few sentences I think, in a nutshell, represent Vassar’s attitude towards trans people like myself, taken from an anonymous male commentator to Huxford’s article: “I think the Vassar bubble has enveloped you. Get into the real world. And once you do tell me how the real world will react to women passing for me and vice versa.” What I hear in my head when I read this is, “Trans women are only women in the Vassar bubble, and trans men are only men in the Vassar bubble.” An argument about pronouns which I will not quote in its entirety here—but which can be read online —also shows this; the original article referred to people as their birth sex and with the associated pronouns thereof, which commentators argued both for and against. I would like to raise the following point: When I go out into the world, and I am treated and referred to as a woman, with female pronouns, but then come back to Vassar to hear myself referred to as “he” and”a man,” I don’t think I hold a lot of sympathy for the viewpoint that trans people are only respected inside the Vassar bubble. I look forward to leaving the Vassar bubble and not having the nature of what’s in my pants be a matter of public knowledge, or having my gender that is so consistently seen and respected as female elsewhere, be a matter for people who are not transgender to argue and debate on. The very nature of the idea that somebody who is not transgender is always on the power end of the “decision” with regards to whether I am a woman as I say and know myself to be. or a man as the doctor “decided” for me at birth, is deeply offensive to me, and should be subjected to the same scrutiny that the Free Weezy, Luau or Miami Vice events were last year. If you have never had to live with the shame and constant doubt of your gender, both by others and, when society has broken you sufficiently, by yourself, then you are not qualified to tell me whether I am or am not a woman. You will call me “Miss Clarke,” you will refer to me as “she,” and if you do not, then you are exercising the same cruelty exercised by Focus on the Family, the Westboro Baptist Church, and the people who murdered the men and women whose names we read off at the Transgender Day of Remembrance vigil this November. With regards to sports, the issue has actually progressed relatively unnoticed by most people in the United States until the Castor Semenya debacle last year. For those of you who are unaware, Semenya is a non-transgender woman who was subjected to intense scrutiny of her right to compete as a woman because of reasons I will not state out of respect for her already-shattered right to privacy. Transgender women became more rightfully involved in the debate with the issue of Lana Lawless, who won the long drive competition in the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) tour several years after her sex reassignment surgery. Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of sports organizations—namely the ones who follow the Stockholm Consensus of the International Olympic Commissionalready would have permitted Lawless to participate. The full regulations, and the ones taken up by the LPGA in the vote prompted by their own gubernatorial body, are that people who transitioned before puberty are eligible to compete regardless, and that other trans athletes who have undergone sexual reassignment surgery at least two years ago, are legally considered their preferred sex, and have been hormonally “correct” for at least two years, are eligible to compete as their preferred gender. I know from personal experience that the NCAA and the governing body of the women’s rowing team at Vassar only require number two—a matter which is surprisingly easy to accomplish in many states. The LPGA was ultimately quite glad to have reversed what they themselves called a discriminatory policy based on the transphobic belief that once a person has been hormonally male, they are forever “tainted” by their maleness. The Stockholm Consensus was thoroughly researched and had the express intent to be fair for cisgender—meaning “not transgender”—athletes, and although I have personal reservations about cis-centric politics regarding trans people, the fact remains that a group of many qualified people determined that, after physical and chemical correction and legal recognition, a trans woman is not significantly advantaged over a cis woman in regards to gender-based athletic capabilities. In fact, trans women tend to suffer from low testosterone levels due to the complete removal of natural sex hormone generators, which is why we’ve been pretty rare in competition thus far. Sorry, cisgender Vassar folks, but a group of people whose doctorates are more than armchair or in-the-making have already decided I’m okay for competition. Perhaps even our culture of “legendary acceptance” needs a bit of scrutiny. Thanks to the estrogen, my smelling is better than ever—can anybody else smell the cissexism in the air?”



The Miscellany News – Vassar College


Best OK Cupid Face.

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He likes his porn and his trans women, and he’s a sadist.

No kidding, sir.


Oh and he plays “as a lesbian” in WoW.



What the fuck does "tanking Cathy Brennan on Heroic Hardmode" mean?

What the fuck does “tanking Cathy Brennan on Heroic Hardmode” mean?

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