We Trashy Trans


Trigger Warning: Porn Sick Man

Is it “stalking” to respond to abusive men who harass women now?


Here is this person and both their Facebook accounts, please report them.

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Another Formspring for some reason

Denver as a Boy


Denver as a man

Denver as a man

Dude’s YouTube.

13 responses to “We Trashy Trans

  1. To be honest, he seems actually mentally ill.

  2. I hope someone calls this man’s guardians and advises them that he is disturbed.

  3. Don’t ya just love Southern Belles …. beam me up Scotty .. please.

  4. Poor guy, his self-image is so fucked up that he wants to undergo cosmetic surgery and deform himself. I do like the Denver as a boy and Denver as a man pics. Always a man, never a woman, only performing as a patriarchal archetype of a “feminine” woman at that.

  5. “poor guy” was meant to be sarcastic. Misogynist, racist, harassing etc. he is for sure.