White Men In Ladyface > People of Color

Jennifer McCreath (Jeff) cannot stop himself from weighing in with his thoughts about the hard times he has… even at the most inappropriate times.


7 responses to “White Men In Ladyface > People of Color

  1. bahahahaha! omg.

  2. or just 0. its the same thing.

  3. If I had the time, I swear, I would start a blog completely dedicated to instances of trans linking their oppression to that of black people/people of color in general. It’s NAUSEATINGLY common. There’s also some bizarre logical fallacy amongst them now that I totally can’t get which is that “if you are ‘transphobic’ you are automatically racist!” I’ve tried to get to the bottom of this weird belief but there’s no bottom.

    • Yeah, I have no idea what they are talking about when they do that. It’s also as if, in their world view, women of color aren’t women (or don’t exist) and aren’t also oppressed by their woman-hating ideology. Bizarre.