Privilege Denying Tranny

Uhhh…not everyone who calls out trans on their violence/male privilege/dickish behavior is “Caty” bro… A for effort! Here’s a sticker for you 🙂

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  1. And why does this ordeal have to keep going on when;

    1. Your site is for “transwomen claiming to be lesbians in which I never claimed to be and never will”. Sorry, I am not a lesbian Cathy, I have no sexual identity and use no sexual identity, and my partner is another trans woman at the same stage in the transition as me. I guess I am disqualified from being a pretenbian sense I am not a lesbian and have already told you several times “I understand and agree with you, yes, I will never be a woman and do not consider myself to be one” and this is why I personally use the word transgender, darn… I was so honored at first for being recognized by you and your site.. what a let down….

    2. You still don’t get the point of my arguments with you; you do harass people Cathy (and yes, I realize you don’t care), you do not have any critical or theoretical basis of any arguments you have have because you do not write a blog you only post other peoples responses to you harassing people. Will you please impress me by removing all you “individual specific negative post” and write a bad ass feminist blog that quotes such feminist authors as; Simone de Beauvoir, Janice Raymond, Judith Butler, Angela Carter, Eve Sedgwick, and countless others?

    3. You have never met any of us personally (at least not me, and at this point we both could care not to), thus your opinion is just that, an opinion. I am not a violent person (my criminal record is and has always been clean as in nothing there with personal references going back to 1985), you just enjoy believing every transwoman is just because most of us think you web sites are absurd and evil. The so called “male privilege” you spoke of is something I never fully embraced and was denied because I was never, and cared not to be “man enough”, and most of us are blocking the testosterone with anti androgens as well as plan on, if haven’t already, getting the shit down there removed. Oh but yes, you must be referring to socially inherited gender roles, and culturally constructed ones. Oh yes, those are nasty, on any side of the spectrum, both male and female. However, did you ever stop to consider that some of us get so nasty with you Cathy because we are on estrogen and our testosterone is blocked? Or even better yet, because of reason two above, you antagonize people to the point in which, (quote) “they are upset with Cathy Brennan specifically, not women”.

    4. I have seen some of your videos; you just stand there as hordes of angry trans and gender non-conforming individuals that you have provoked, yell and scream at you. Why do you do this? Sounds so horrible for you, I would not want to be around any group of angry people for any reason, but you must take pride in it some how.

    Though it is possibly too late, I am actually willing to get rid of the petition if it really bothers you so much, since you keep making comments about it. Of course, that would require you to actually “write” a “trans-critical” blog (this is not a blog Cathy this is just a rude and ridiculous site). Your people that post comments seem so “for trans-critical theory”, yet I see no trans-critical writing, essays, or anything here, just pictures, screenshots, and you and your few individuals making comments like “gross man, violent man”. Sounds just like middle school behavior, “Ewe, your gross, I’m telling…” There is better ways to make your point than how you are doing it.

    • you are willing to reduce extensive analysis because your feelings are hurt.

      if you comment on my blogs again, i will once again contact the police department at your university.

  2. I love it that someone accused you of hacking their facebook. LOL WUT!?