Stacie Marie (a.k.a. Barry) Laughton


So the national MSM is celebrating the election of the first Openly Transgender Person to state-wide office.

I don’t know about you, but this person seems  not so great.

Stacie previously ran for office as Barry C. Laughton, Jr.  He was also accused of identity theft with his wife, Lisa.  Lisa pleased guilty to conspiracy to commit identity fraud, conspiracy to commit fraudulent use of a credit card and conspiracy to falsify physical evidence and was ordered jailed.  It’s not clear what happened to Barry, but he apparently pleaded no contest in an unrelated incident to slashing a neighbor’s tires.

Here’s Barry’s Old Running for Office Blog and links to other background on him.

“What the current gender is for me legally, it doesn’t matter, what matters is, how I feel.” – Stacie Marie (a.k.a. Barry) Laughton

So this tells us that (1) Barry probably hasn’t legally changed his name and (2) Barry isn’t giving up his penis.

Wood tosser charges tossed!

Barry’s dad is just as prolific as Barry in writing Letters to the Editor. Here’s one he wrote about Barry’s wife, Lisa.

Here is Barry’s father writing about Barry’s wife.

Um… That was awkward.

Overall impression: Not too impressive!

Oh and here’s Barry working with the Salvation Army just days after his election! The Salvation Army is, of course, horrifically anti-gay.  You would think he might know this! Most Gay people know this!

New Hampshire State Representatives are apparently paid $200 for a two-year term, with no per diem. I can see why people would be lining up to run for that!

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