Jennifer McCreath

Jennifer aka Jeff McCreath is a Man in Canada who thinks he’s a Woman. You can read about Jeff McCreath here.

Here is his disgusting video that he made in response to Roseanne Barr speaking out in support of the right of Women to establish a boundary based on sex.

Jeff states at 2:16 that Roseanne should be ok with Trans Women (and their penises) in private spaces because “you (Roseanne) seem to have no trouble putting them (penises) in your vagina or in your mouth.”

Let me repeat this.

Jeff McCreath states that Women should not be able to establish a boundary based on sex if they have had any sexual contact with Men.

Hello, Rape Culture.

And you wonder why more and more Women are getting the idea that Trans Women are Men?

Trans Women are Men.

7 responses to “Jennifer McCreath

  1. That’s pretty damn rape culture-y.

    Also, what’s with the pronunciation of “Obama” like the “a” in “apple”? Chicago, right? Eesh.

  2. You know, the way he says “right dere” about right wing bigots, I think you’re right, pure Chicago.

  3. As a trans woman, I am offended by this person’s appearance and attitude. Appearance because of the facial features and near-crazed look, and attitude because of some bliind adherence to the ‘tranny credo’ that says we must defend all things transgender despite their apparent (lack of?) impact on our lives otherwise.

    • Hey. Instead of commenting on my blog to say this, it would be helpful if you would let these assholes know you condemn violence against women. Cheers and thanks.