Jordan Davis


So at SlutWalk in Philadelphia, this man, Jordan Davis, decided to introduce himself to me as “my worst nightmare.”  Jordan Davis is a violent man who blogs for Advocates for Youth.

Funny that a man attending an event ostensibly about violence against women would make a threatening statement to a woman he’s never met. In fact, he hovered around me as I was talking to two other women waiting to blurt out that he was MY WORST NIGHTMARE.

I have video of Jordan’s odd behavior that I will post. But for now, this song makes me think of Jordan:


7 responses to “Jordan Davis

  1. Is this the same Jordan who doesn’t shower very often? Ol Stinky himself? Icky.

  2. The Crazy Cat Lady is Real lol CB you are such a tool > get a life. This Halloween I am going Trick or Treating as you.

  3. OMG, how dare you misgender him! he’s got a feminine shirt on so…of course he’s a real woman! DUH! I’m sure the stank off those armpits would cause anyone nightmares.

  4. There’s actually a Wiki page about this troll, and his violent feud with fellow unwashed trans man Ahuviya at Transway

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