Ada Dei Aiutrix

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5 responses to “Ada Dei Aiutrix

  1. Ada – Are you effing serious? I’m a trans woman and I can’t think of a worse way to try and get your point across than get all girly, post a femme-y pic of yourself and cyber-stamp your feet at the tauntby someone with a mediocer perspective. And…… up to NY and pay a personal visit? Really? Who are you in real life? Vito the Enforcer?

    And………if you are not going to stop until Cathy Brennan removes all of ‘the shit she posted about them and having defaced them without consent’ then your life is just gonna suck SO BADLY!

    Good luck with that!

  2. No Dalmax, my life won’t suck for “mirroring” Cathy online, it’s just as easy as screenshots. 🙂 And if you don’t have a problem with Cathy and you are trans? That is weird, I would rather side with Cathy than talk about that, (go piss her off Cathy…. while we are all on a nasty role here…) And why would another trans woman dare even ask the question “who are you in real life”, you just said your trans as well? Now I am starting to enjoy this as much as Cathy, ha ha, another trans woman asked, “who am I in real life”.???… the internet, got to love it even for it’s worst….

  3. Here you go, this one is better. Come on Cathy, you know you want to:

    While regularly making comments on Cathy’s blog towards the trans-women that Cathy post about, this Dalmax person is also trans, and ask questions like, “Who are you in real life?”, as if one trans woman is more real than the other, which is completely contradictory to Cathy’s primary trans-bashing intentions, that we are not real. Oh, but that one is? And I am not real because I told Cathy to swallow the barrell of a shotgun for posting images of a personal friend of mine on her site? And that makes me a woman hater? No, not quite. A Cathy Brennan hater, perhaps. However, I do agree that the shotgun idea is a little harsh. I will tone it down to a Turkish punishment. We chop off Cathy’s hands, and she can’t post anymore. And yes Dalmax, I can have pictures off myself as girly, or not, or what ever. You have apparently missed the point that this is what the fight is all about, Cathy posting peoples shit, instead of actually “writing” a blog. And as we can tell, Dalmax has no image to view or take from online, it hides behind its comments to Cathy Brennan’s trans-bashing post. Trans against trans? Interesting.

  4. FYI, I reported this person to UNC’s Campus Police. UNC has no record that this person attends UNC.