Rebecca Jae Petchenik

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4 responses to “Rebecca Jae Petchenik

  1. I look really good in the one picture where i’m wearing my glasses.

  2. Uh….. So you attack transwomen because why? Your a bunch of hateful discriminating cunts? Show your faces and stop hiding behind your hatred (typical trolling behavior). And is is “bugbrennan” that posted this? Where is your facebook page? I want to see your face and exploit you on the internet like you just did my friend. Wan t to meet face to face is public bitch? Bring it on baby. I will exploit this site, and if I ever get confronted outside this virtual hell, I can promise that you will be giving the barrell of a shotgun a blowjob. STOP HARRASSING US, NOW!!!!!!

  3. So………………….um……………..chickie poo, maybe you should lay off the drugs and/or grow a brain. Learn some English as well; ‘like’ and ‘um’ are not the definitive adaptors of grammar. Try complete sentences. And if you aren’t stable enough to not talk about killing yourself or de-transitioning on a vlog while you are (obviously) stoned, then perhaps you should have someone looking after you.