Catherine Ditheridge and Mandisha Oi Mysize Dextrous




Mandisha Oi Mysize Dextrous – WOMANN DAMMIT

Catherine Ditheridge – PANSEXUAL WOMANNNN





Powerful Trans DJ Mandisha Oi Mysize Dextrous Cannot Stand That Women Call Him Male, Gets Thread Del

So Catherine Ditheridge left a few nasty comments on my blog, which led to this exchange on my Facebook page. A DJ …Continue reading »


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Carolyn Hayes We are jealous because they perform femininity better? We don’t even try! Because we reject it.
And then aggressively marginalizing women = patriarchy. I’ll buy that. And that’s what trans do to women.
And FB needs a female centered alternative.

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Nazel Bones She’s not male! End of…

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Cathy Brennan He is. Cheers.

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Cathy Brennan Quacks like a duck …



Hi guys here’s my latest update including some info on me and whats going on in …See More

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Maria Bartlett The menz never seem to understand the simple difference between gender being a social construct and sex being biology. This is not rocket science.

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Cathy Brennan No, it isn’t. I have huge respect for trans people who know the difference and respect it.

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Robyn Sands I happen to have seen the letter she wrote to you that started this conflict, and I would like to know which part you found offensive? I myself am a feminist and this particular brand of radical feminism is new to me. Without resorting to argument, can you tell me how a trans woman, or terminology of your choice, ought to behave?

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Cathy Brennan LOL, I haven’t seen this magical letter. The first time I heard about him was today. Feel free to comment on my blog, I am not getting into this with you on my Facebook page.

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Robyn Sands Also, is it legal in the US to use imagery of other people without their permission? Because that photography of Catherine is mine, and that sure as hell isn’t legal in the UK

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Cathy Brennan “this particular brand of radical feminism” = radical feminism.

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Robyn Sands Okay, please take down my photography from your page

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Cathy Brennan Feel free to file a copyright claim.


What is Abuse? What is Freedom of Speech?

From WordPress Abuse We suspend blogs or blog posts for the following types of abuse: Personal threats Calls to violence …Continue reading »

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Cathy Brennan No.

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Robyn Sands Thanks, I will

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Cathy Brennan Here is the direct link to file a copyright claim:



If you believe that your image that appears on this website is copyrighted and f…See More

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Mary Molnar …HISterical.

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Cathy Brennan It was LOLtastic.

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Lizzie Andrea Gan Your out of order here 😦 tut tut

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Lizzie Andrea Gan Ok so your out of order here cathy. Mandy is a girl and every one knows it. You do realise that you’ve committed hate crime here and it’s very serious these days. If Mandy wanted to she could report you to the police and you wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. I’m far from impressed.

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Cathy Brennan Oh my, some crazy male DJ is more popular than me, I haz the sads now. Ann Tagonist

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Cathy Brennan Lizzie Andrea Gan – I encourage him to file a police report against me. My crime is stating he is biologically male. I live at 311 Murdock Road, Baltimore, MD 21212. 410-336-9857. USA. See you in court!

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Cathy Brennan Christopher Simmons your comment is misogynist and ableist. Please delete it.

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Lizzie Andrea Gan Ohh big words for a small mind. Your pathetic. You wouldn’t delete others comments. Chris. Leave this where it is. Anyway I’m not wasting my time with your bull poo cathy. I’ve never met anyone so nasty until speaking to you

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Cathy Brennan You have led a sheltered life. I’m happy for you.

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Cathy Brennan Also, it’s funny that you think it’s small minded to know human biology.

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Cathy Brennan Lizzie, are you also a man? Is that why you’re so worked up?

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Lizzie Andrea Gan Lmao. I’m 100% female. I’m not that worked up. It’s just that you’ve hurt my friends feelings quite bad with what you’ve said. She’s very upset

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Cathy Brennan I also find it upsetting that men demand that women recognise them as female. It’s offensive.

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Cathy Brennan Also, congratulations:



Misogyny on Facebook. SS, DD.

Hatred of women.

By: Cathy Brennan

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Catherine Ditheridge So you dont like misogyny but misandry is fine?

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Catherine Ditheridge Also, stop using copyrighted images.

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Cathy Brennan It’s not misandry to say “you are a man.”

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Cathy Brennan File a DMCA claim. Cheers.

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Catherine Ditheridge DMCA has been filed, wordpress and faccebook have both been informed you have broken their ToS agreements, the misandry i am referring to is your claim that men cant be feminists

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Cathy Brennan Oh is that misandry? How so?

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Catherine Ditheridge


Definition of feminism – political doctrine and politics

feminism definition and meaning from political doctrine and politics topics by Oxford University Press

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Cathy Brennan Oh my! You’re an amazing men’s rights activist!

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Vivian Taylor Misandry? Misandry is not a thing. It’s in the class of made up stuff occupied by “reverse racism.”

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Catherine Ditheridge Of course, i advocate equality, equality means everyone has the same rights honey, but you should know that, you have an education in law

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Cathy Brennan Are you also going to tell me trans women can be lesbians?

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Catherine Ditheridge Of course we can, im pan-sexual myself but women who are exclusively attracted to women are by definition lesbians

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Cathy Brennan Oh, fascinating.

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Cathy Brennan Is your DJ friend a lesbian?

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Catherine Ditheridge Glad to enlighten you 🙂

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Catherine Ditheridge I dont think so, im not sure tbh

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Mandisha Oi Mysize Dextrous we need to leave this sad act alone girls , she’s not worth the battle think she’s probably just in angst after falling for a gorgeous trans woman n not having the brain capacity to get her silly little mind round the fact that women are women no matte…See More

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Cathy Brennan Lesley Smith

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Cathy Brennan Aw, so it sounds like the DJ is a lesbian!

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Terri Strange Its terribly important that you change your mind about this DJ not being a woman, or a lesbian or a decent DJ…

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Catherine Ditheridge Aww but ive never found a way to boost my ego that is as effective as talking to Cathy Brennan

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Cathy Brennan That’s nice, sir.

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Terri Strange get these sex with pans people outta here.

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Catherine Ditheridge See? Boom ego boost!

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Terri Strange that shit is CRAY

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Catherine Ditheridge 😦 Its not my fault i am attracted to pans, Teflon fetish ftw 😉

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Terri Strange Born a dude, looks like a dude, acts like a dude. MOAR WOMAN THAN U.

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Cathy Brennan Holdon, I am working on something.

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2 responses to “Catherine Ditheridge and Mandisha Oi Mysize Dextrous

  1. calling for a lesbian to be “silenced for good” and “lynched”. Now where I have I heard that before…oh yeah, only from every homophobic male asshole on the planet. Also – lynching – that awful, awful thing white racists did to countless Black people & some white sympathisers – you want to bring that back do you, and visit this ‘justice’ (murder) on lesbians who disagree with your ideas. You think it’s okay for mobs of queers and trans to terrorise lesbians who disagree with your crazy-ass shit when we are in spaces for fucking GAY people. What does it say about you that you align yourself with racist murderers, and call for their murderous tactics of terrorism to be visited upon a new generation of insurgents; in this case lesbians standing up for lesbians’ and women’s rights? That’s some fucked up entitlement and insecurity there; that you would call for the murder of lesbians who challenge your perception of reality. Kinda reminds me of violent men, ya know.