Colleen Brenna Francis

Separated at birth from the Child Catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Irony?

What a shock. Pervy prick is a pretend lesbian. On Twitter at @ColleenBrenna.

Here he is on Facebook.

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So this guy wants to date you, sisters… and also use the women’s locker room.
Washington State name change info at:
Francis, Colleen Brenna
New Name
Pierce Co District XY811520C 09-03-2010
Francis, Clay Scott
Old Name
Pierce Co District XY811520C 09-03-2010
Here is this charmer’s OK Stupid Profile.
I’m pagan, poly, a hippie chick, an artist. . .at once a teen girl and a woman wise beyond her years. My favorite pastime is to walk the streets handing people daisies.I guess for description sake I have to say I am a transwoman. I don’t use that “label” though; truly I identify as “just a girl.” I’m legally recognized as female, and have been for a coupls of years. (I still haven’t gotten the plumbing remodeled, but it will happen somewhere down the road.)I have been undergoing Hormone Replacement Therapy for, I guess, about two years now, and am marveling at the beautiful things that are happening in my mind, spirit, and body.I am very happy and secure in myself. I’m a junior at The Evergreen State College and have fallen in love with my art, womens/feminist studies, and dance. There’s not a single class or program I’ve experienced at Evergreen that has not been deeply transformative in some way.Through years of hard lessons and transformation, if there is one thing I have learned it is that if I am wanting or needing anything, I have to ask for it. So, here goes.I’m a very sexual person and having frequent and regular sexual activity in my life goes far to feel more fully balanced and healthy. While I am not necessarily seeking someone at the moment to be a life partner, I do miss regular and frequent sex. So I thought it really could not hurt to put it “out there” that this is something I am wanting and needing! Someone with whom I feel a connection and enjoy being around, as I would love for this to evolve into a good friendship and possibly, more down the road.In the past, in that “other life,” I was one to indiscriminately fuck random strangers. Not so much now. I deserve better, so do you. Yes, I MAY be quick to jump in the sack with you. . . IF I can feel a real, beautiful connection between us. (That’s just me).My favorite town in the world is Olympia, and my idol is Rachel Corrie. I’m in Love with the Ocean, and can’t get enough of Her.I’m pretty laid back, though you wouldn’t know it by the schedule I have to keep at the present time. I love and live for physical contact, touch, and cuddling. I love to kiss.There’s no one “type” of woman that I am attracted to, really. I love women and find all kinds of women attractive. I must admit that I have a special affinity for “curvy” girls and those who some might call “natural” girls. I have a thing for “hippie chicks,” I have to say! They REALLY get me going! If you’re one of those awesome women who long ago gave up getting rid of your beautiful body hair, I’ll probably fall down in adoration at your feet.Did I mention I just love and adore women? Their touch, feel, scent, taste. . . . are all intoxicating to me! :)Giving oral sex, kisses, nibbling, and lots of caressing and touch make me a happy girl. I’ve never, even when I was living as a male, been a “genitally focused” person sexually. I feel sex in every pore of my body and have a thousand and one erogenous zones!I am a very attentive sexual partner and love to please whomever I am with. It is extremely important to me. I consider myself a switch and can be very, very submissive, but have a little dominant streak that comes out sometimes as well. Most of all I think that sex should be fun!I am a hedonist, and very sensual, as well as a hopeless romantic. I also want to find friends and people to date and hopefully become close and intimate with, new relationships. . .I don’t want to isolate, that is a very dangerous place for me to be.I will answer all questions openly and honestly. That’s just the way I roll!I try not to push myself into “categories” or wear labels. I’m retired military, but I am far from conservative. I went through a period early, early in the transition of my gender presentation where I was all about beauty products, constant body-shaving, high-end clothing, and fabulous shoes. While I still love awesome clothes and getting dressed to the nines for certain occasions, you’re more likely now to find me barefoot in a broomstick skirt and tank top. As for the endless piles of beauty products, they’re gone. I haven’t used any chemicals on my hair or skin anymore in three years except for the oh-so-very-occasional light makeup and sunscreen when necessary, and I am loving the results. I

I am polyamorous, and always have been. I can “be” monogamous in a relationship but am not happy that way. I need to be able to share the infinite love which my heart holds the capacity for. Or at least be free to do so, in a responsible and loving manner.

I am feminine, creative, and emotional.

What I’m doing with my life

Really? I am living my dreams. And, I’m being myself, and loving it!I’m looking to establish connections with awesome women who want to join me on my adventure!Note: I am not looking for men. It’s that simple. For anyone who is not quite sure what this means, it means PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE A MAN. Simple enough? :)Let’s see, what else? I’m enjoying the times I get to be with my little girls, I’m reading, drawing again, and going to school full time at The Evergreen State College. Greener Girl! Yay!I love women. The female body and spirit are perhaps the most beautiful of the Goddess’ creations and I am a devout worshipper. I love exploring all parts of both the body and spirit. Finding those special places within both that bring pleasure and meaning to life.
I’m really good at

I am good at loving. It is something I do so freely (sometimes to my own detriment, perhaps). I care deeply about people, and if you are a dear friend or lover of mine, you can bet you’ll have my attention, and you’ll always know how I feel with openness and honesty.I’m decent at leatherwork, I’m a fair artist I think. . . I am told I’m a damn good kisser. . .but then again it’s all about how a person likes to be kissed, right? (I’m good at some other things too, but I’ll keep them to myself for now.)I am very understanding, I’m good at deciphering the conflicting messages between a person’s body language and their words. I’m often able to understand what a person is trying to say when others can not, for some reason.I’m passionate about things and people that I care about.I’m really, really good at being submissive to someone I have absolute trust in. I’m proud of that fact, yes.:)
The first things people usually notice about me

Well to be honest, it’s usually that I am that woman who’s “different.” I obviously stand out as the one who is not a genetic female.But aside from that, I’m told it’s usually my eyes. They’re a very pretty blue. In fact, all five of my children have those same gorgeous eyes! How cool is that?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

I am in love with Marion Zimmer Bradley’s “The Mists of Avalon” and have read it dozens of times. I also like the movie. . . that story is what put the call of the Goddess in my heart and led me to seek her out.I also love to gobble up certain young adult paranormal romances when the mood strikes me, and I am in love with The Scarlett Letter.I like all different kinds of books. But I find that I just don’t have a whole lot of time to read these days…hopefully thats starting to change though, we’ll see.As for movies, very eclectic taste. From chick flicks (which I admittedly adore) to Clint Eastwood and John Wayne. I like movies a lot, but don’t spend a whole lot of time watching them, for some reason.I love to cook, and to eat as well. I grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho and Wyoming and was raised on “country” food. Nothing beats a thick, medium rare Elk steak, cooked over a wood fire. Nothing. However, for whatever reason, my body has rejected meat and poultry, so I am, currently mostly vegetarian although I eat, and love, fish and shellfish. The majority of my diet is “whole foods.” I believe in “the less ingredients the better.” It’s been good for me. I am putting a lot of effort into buying locally, and organic when I’m able.
The six things I could never do without

Love, Sex, Art, Coffee, Cast Iron Cookware, and Music….wait…since first creating this profile, I’ve decided that there are more than six!So, here’s six more!My sobriety, people to Love and be Loved by, honesty, open communication, flirting, and my spirituality.
I spend a lot of time thinking about

I think about sex a lot, of course. I think a lot about finding people to form relationships (of all types) with who think kinda like me, believe kinda like me, and have open minds.I think a lot about the stupidity and the waste of lives that is “The War on Terror”. I am of the opinion that the best possible way to “Support Our Troops” is to bring them all home, NOW.I think about a lot of things. Sometimes, too many things. Yeah, sometimes, I’d just like to shut my brain off, dammit!
On a typical Friday night I am

To be honest, on Fridays these days I am usually completely drained from a week of school, all evening classes this quarter. But I like to relax and have fun when I can.Every other weekend, I am hanging with my two small girls, usually drawing and coloring, or cooking, or watching movies. We’ll be adding more fun activities as the weather warms up!On the “no kid” weekends, I may be sweating and soaring at an Ecstatic Dance studio, or hanging with my fam at Jake’s in Olympia. Or running away to the Ocean. I do that fairly often too.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit

I’ve been through an intense and all-reaching process of healing and transformation which continues still….so I’ve revealed a lot of “private” things. Actually, most things aren’t really all that private to people who know me at all. I don’t hold a lot back anymore. So I’m really not sure what to type in this little box. . . you already know I’m kinky, that I identify as a woman, that I am a recovering alcoholic, a retired Soldier, a Witch, and that I believe in my capacity for infinite Love and relationships. If you want to know anything else, just ask, and I guarantee you’re going to get a straightforward answer!
I’m looking for

  • Girls who like girls
  • Ages 18–60
  • Near me
  • For new friends, long-term dating, short-term dating, activity partners, casual sex
You should message me if

You are a positive person and not a drama queen, I’ve had enough of that to last a lifetime and am trying to be free of it!You are open-minded and don’t have a problem with possibly forming a relationship with someone who believes in infinite relationships!You appreciate and honor the beauty of life and of nature, and believe in helping to make the world a better place.You’re tolerant and accepting of people who are different from you!You like to laugh and believe that life should be fun.If you have a high sex drive and want to meet someone similar…And, if you are looking for a real, honest relationship filled with laughter and openness.Some of my interests include:drawingcookingtransgender issues,polyamorywitchcraft,naturefishingartpoetryoceanwomensexsexuality,emotionsmagicmagickgoddessreadingerotica,pornographynuditycraftingleatherworkfirearmsknives,swordspaganismwiccaLGBT issuesbeautygender issues,kinkspiritualitygunsmakeupshoesbootscorsets,selkiesColleen Brenna Francis
  1. Well, I try my damned best to stay honest, open, and transparent. The people in my life know that that is what they will get from me, every time. Of course, this has the potential to, at times, make me wish I hadn’t been. But I have, and will continue to be so, with no apologies. Judge away, bitches. Spew your hate and make yourself look like idiots. I have absolutely nothing to hide. Nothing. Sure. I’m not the person I was two years ago. I bet you’re not either, in many ways. I didn’t hide that person then, and I don’t hide the person that I am now. Fuck you very much.
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    • Janice Holz I spent time drafting a (long and detailed) reply to all the ignorant or misassuming comments on the KIRO TV article. You might appreciate this particular paragraph:
      “I am saddene…See More
    • Janette Rose Beres You’re so right, Janice Holz. I was really frustrated reading all the junk at KIROs website but I considered the source.I wanted to slam them all back but I am gonna focus on the positive. I appreciate that you took the time to write back and I am sure that Colleen Brenna Francisdoes as well.
      3 hours ago · Edited · 2
    • Colleen Brenna Francis Seriously. Thank you, Janice.
    • Janice Holz ((HUGS)) I just keep reminding myself that ignorance can be overcome. You deserve to feel safe.
    • Colleen Brenna Francis As does everyone. And that is something that I would like to have people understand that I believe. Obviously, the public opinion is that I am just the opposite. *shrug*
Surgery is problematic for a few reasons, but mostly it’s extremely expensive and not widely available. This does mean that Colleen still has a penis and as she says, “I use my cock cuz I have one.” I was kind of surprised to discover that most trans folk still have original plumbing because I would not have guessed from outward appearances. Gender really is about what’s inside and how you present to the world.
ALSO, apparently there was a porn “star” named Colleen Brenna. Coincidence?
OK Stupid here:

3 responses to “Colleen Brenna Francis

  1. All I read was “Hello, I have a mental disorder and am a unique snowflake.”

    Wah wah.

  2. Keep away from young girls. Stay the hell out of their locker rooms and bathrooms. You are a creepy perv and you make me ill. You are NOT a lesbian. You are not a woman, not female–you are a typical sick creepy trans-nothing who still has a dick and still IS a dick.

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