Tobi Wants You To Stop Hurting His Feelings And Support His Womanly Dick

“Insightful” words from Tobi Hill “Look at My Ladystick On The Internet” Meyer on why Stupid Wimmins Are Doing Wimmins Rights Wrong.

Basically, Tobi has the sads because he is sick and tired of women talking about women’s reproductive health without considering that women have dicks.

Oh Tobi.  Women do not have dicks.

You can read Tobi’s bullshit on Bile-erico.

Because Tobi says women have dicks, he wants you to look out for women “of all genital configurations.” (i.e., men). He wants us to “interpret” his dick.

Tobi – We stupid wimmins are smart enough to figure out that lobbying for your rights is not the same as lobbying for ours. Because you’re a man.

No biggie.

Oh and if I am interpreting, your dick would make a fine doorstop.

You can interpret Tobi’s  dick here (TW, it’s Tobi’s dick, which looks remarkably like a dick).

Stephen Stucker could probably make lots out of it!

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