The psychological basis of “Die cis scum”

“The grandiose, unrealistic sense of self that is characteristic of many persons with narcissistic disorders can be understood as a defense against what would otherwise be overwhelming feelings of inadequacy or shame (Kohut, 1971). In the case of nonhomosexual MtF transsexuals, this unrealistic sense of self might include the belief that one passes undetectably as a woman, despite having unmistakably masculine physical characteristics; that one has a ‘female brain’ in one’s male body, despite having male-typical interests and attitudes; that eroticism had nothing to do with one’s gender transition, despite an extensive history of cross-gender fetishism; and that one is exclusively sexually attracted to men, despite a past history of attraction to, and sexual activity with, women… 

An action that threatens to disrupt the grandiose, unrealistic sense of self that many narcissistic persons maintain is experienced as a narcissistic injury. Kohut (1972) noted that narcissistic rage—the disproportionate, compulsive pursuit of revenge that seeks to obliterate both the offense and the offender— is one of two possible responses to narcissistic injury:

‘It is easily observed that the narcissistically
vulnerable individual responds to actual (or
anticipated) narcissistic injury either with
shamefaced withdrawal (flight) or with
narcissistic rage (fight)’ (p. 379).

Tangney and Dearing (2002) pointed out, however, that rage is by far the more effective response for reconstituting a damaged sense of self:

‘Feelings of self-righteous anger can help the
shamed person regain some sense of agency
and control. Anger is an emotion of potency and
authority. In contrast, shame is an emotion of
the worthless, the paralyzed, the ineffective….
[B]y turning their anger outward, shamed
individuals become angry instead, reactivating
and bolstering the self (p. 93)’

So, narcissistic rage, although very unpleasant to experience, is nevertheless an understandable response to perceived narcissistic injury.”

Source:  Lawrence AA. Shame and narcissistic rage in autogynephilic transsexualism. Arch Sex Behav 2008;37:457–461.

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  1. Text book cases. Wonder why people keep enabling the mentally ill?