Oh Tony


Self-proclaimed Sociopath Tony D’Orsay failing to realize that there is no need for an ANONYMOUS site to “rant” about “radfems,” because YOU ALL THREATEN TO KILL US QUITE PUBLICLY.


2 responses to “Oh Tony

  1. Oh, how mature! Keep it up, dudes! You are acting more younger everyday!

  2. socalledfeminist

    all radfems are trans? hmmm…. nope.

    my desire to be anything other than a female is zero – not least because it would be entirely impossible for me to be anything other than a female what with my chromosomes, my beautiful fully functional vagina (which is not a fuck hole incidentally but like, a real, viable, integrated part of my physical body with functions beyond penis sockery), my vulva, my wonderful orgasm producing clitoris, my womb, my skeleton, my naturally produced hormones, my droopy but totally natural breasts that semi successfully managed to feed my baby, my lifelong experience of being a woman etc etc etc. and this femaleness plus the cultural, social, economic, pyschological, political, religious, commercial ‘stuff’ my society has heaped on me as a result of that femaleness since birth makes me a woman.


    happy to help and hope you get well soon 🙂