Wiki page for Cathy – http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Cathy_Brennan

Photos of the “lovely” woman herself – http://www.flickr.com/photos/92479416@N08/sets/72157632572665484/

And details of where she works – http://www.hudco.com/profile.cfm?section_id=2&attorney_id=51 – you might have to manually type the link in as it keep redirecting to google on my laptop.

Her employers take great pride in providing “Consumer financial services law and privacy law are what we do.”

I think they might be interested to know how she spends her spare time outing transpeople, putting their safety, their lives in risk.


Number 1  (as in, the 1st entrant ) in the bigots gallery “Cathy Brennan” aka bugbrennan of the radfems. Couldn’t hold a valid argument if you gave her something to hold it in.

The YouTube video shows some of what happened before / as Brennan was “attacked”, no wonder police forces round the world can’t cope.
Is “are you fucking kidding me?” the only words in her…

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  1. Is ‘the radfems’ a new band I haven’t heard yet? Great stagename, though, ‘bugbrennan.’ Playing the Michigan Festival next year?