TERF War is a game about feminist fear and hatred of trans women.

Since the 1970s, certain branches of feminism have decried the existence of trans people and painted trans women specifically as infiltrators working on behalf of the patriarchy to destroy women’s spaces. (“TERF” stands for trans-exclusionary radical feminist.) These views treat trans women as less than “real” women and rely on an oddly essentialist understanding of gender (contrary to many other strands of feminism) that holds that gender assignment at birth dictates the “truth” of gender. Self-described radical feminists like Cathy Brennan have dedicated considerable amounts of time and energy to attacking and outing trans women, describing some as “pretendbians” (that is, pretend lesbians) and publicizing their old names and identities in a deliberate attempt to disrupt and endanger their lives. Brennan once went so far as to write to the UN to argue that legal protections for gender identity and gender expression would directly harm cisgender women.

[HOW DARE I WRITE A LETTER????????????????]

Feminists like Brennan represent a very real danger to transgender people everywhere, and to trans women specifically. They are actively contributing to a culture of violent transphobia and cisssexism in which trans people’s identities are subject to scrutiny, contested, and ultimately rendered unreal. In other words, they are fighting to sustain a world in which transgender people, especially transgender women of colour, are routinely harassed, beaten, made homeless, murdered, and imprisoned in gender inappropriate facilities.

But even as I loathe Brennan and others for their part in maintaining these oppressive structures, I believe that their influence is shrinking. Feminism is changing, and while transphobia is still rampant, the models of gender that Brennan and her ilk promote are losing traction. Simultaneously, trans people are increasingly building our own spaces and creating our own communities, rather than only looking to access existing ones. I see the rage with which transphobic feminists attack us as a response to these developments — I think it’s inversely proportional to the amount of power and territory they’re left defending. Even as we recognize and fight back against the former, I think we need to realize that the latter is dwindling.

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  1. radicalwoman

    “I believe that their influence is shrinking”


  2. The only people I see espousing violence and hatred are the trans*women (really males) and their allies. I have yet to see a radical feminist who doesn’t buy into the mental illness known as Gender Identity Disorder write/utter violent threats and hateful speech.

    I guess when the truth is uttered, some think that is just hateful. I guess the truth hurts. Poor trans*women (really males), got their little feelings hurt. So their response is to violently threaten real females who refuse to buy into their non-sense.

  3. LOL, yes, how dare you write a letter!

    [‘TERF’ feminists] are actively contributing to a culture of violent transphobia
    Lets just back that up a bit. The ones beating up M2Ts are not “TERFs” but usually homophobic dudes, frequently white. The reason they beat up M2Ts and gays is because of their belief in male heterosupremacy. This type of dude is the least likely to listen to any female, let alone feminists. If transjacktivists can show me just the one incidence of a ‘TERF’ random stranger bashing of an M2T, I will gladly turn in my ‘TERF’ badge. It will never ever happen!

    the models of gender that Brennan and her ilk promote are losing traction
    Dream on dude. In all my years online, I haven’t seen such a mass migration towards radical feminism as I have within the last few years. I know you you dudes built patriarchy on reversals, but come on, do you even believe that yourself?

    Simultaneously, trans people are increasingly building our own spaces and creating our own communities, rather than only looking to access existing ones.
    It’s the latter part we have the problem with, go, go create one hundred million twanz-only spaces for all I care. You are free to do what you want – as long as it doesn’t impact me and mine.

    Finally, speaking of UN letters, and the audacity of females writing to the UN without seeking male permission first, some transjacktivists were so outraged they also wrote to the UN. Here is the summary of the letter campaign:

    I guess that writing letters is now also declared twanzphobic?
    Bad bad women, when will you learn to stfu and allow colonisation of your spaces and your bodies!

  4. Is their a mirror in this dude’s house? I don’t know a SINGLE person in my day-to-day life who actually believes that “trans women” are real women. Not one. They might not openly laugh and point, but the eye roll is always there, letting me know that they know that THAT (insert chin point and eye roll here) is not a woman.

    We all know they’re men in drag. All of us. Some of us just pretend to go along with it out of a mis-placed sense of “being nice to the crazy person”, while the rest of us more or less say, “Hell no.” Or in my case, “Hell no, I will not call him ‘she’ — you can fire my ass and I’ll sue you all the way up to the Supreme Court.” and “Hell no, that man is not going to shower with my niece. Arrest me for protecting her — the media storm will be awesome.”

    I will always stand up against violence and against discrimination in housing, medical care, etc. for people who are mentally ill. But I will NEVER pander to or enable their delusional behavior and I will NEVER approve of these dudes invading women’s safe and private spaces. NEVER.

    That these guys don’t realize that almost no one is falling for their delusional crap is just…pathetic.