Sig Privilege

Sig Privilege

One of the things that really angers all NBP people is how sig people just do not recognise their sig privilege. So this post is to educate you on the sig privilege that you have, even if you do not recognise it.

You have sig privilege if:

1. Strangers don’t assume they can ask you how you can be alive if you are not breathing.

2. Your validity as a human being is not based upon how accurately other people view your status as an alive person

3. Strangers do not ask you if you have mental health problems or are “fucking crazy”

4. People do not purposefully disrespect you by constantly saying that you are breathing and pointing to your chest whilst arguing that natural movements are a sign that you are lying and you are breathing

5. If you tell people you are a breathing person, you do not get lots of ridicule and questions about your alive status

6. You are not expected to explain to strangers, family and friends why you wear a surgical mask, how you knew you were a NBP person, or whether your NBP status is attention seeking or a sign of mental health problems

7. You do not get people calling your GP with their “concerns” when you disclose your NBP status

8. You do not get people using breagenist words like sigh, or gasping, purposefully trying to oppress and invalidate your existence, even though you have already explained they are being breagenist

Please recognise you have sig privilege that NBP people do not have.


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