Patriarchy’s Tools

Trans women and their allies will jump over a thousand lesbians’ dead bodies in a rush to deny the entitled, male privileged attitudes that current prominent trans women in the activist community inevitably come with.  Yes, it’s so very very important that these very special trans women are still allowed to make misogynistic, bigoted assessments about lesbians’ sexuality, AS ALL MALES DO, that it does not matter that lesbians’ sexuality is trampled over or invisibilized or that lesbians’ voices are SHOUTED OVER and IGNORED in the process.

I said previously that most of the assholes are white, but ultimately, it doesn’t matter what color of skin they have, or whether they were “formerly” heterosexual before transitioning.  No, what really matters, is that they were raised with a huge chunk of MALE PRIVILEGE.  That does not just disappear – poof!  Especially since MOST trans women DO NOT PASS as FEMALE.  That’s right… they don’t.  You know it, and I know it.  ANYONE can clock them a mile away, especially when they open their mouths.  Most trans allies also know this, but they would never say it to their faces because it’s not polite.  And most trans women know this too, deep down, and THAT is why they are SO DESPERATE to SILENCE US and stifle any conversation that gets to the heart of their misogynist behavior.  They know that they will NEVER be female.

And I am SICK of pretending.  You know why?  Because so many of these people in real life and the activist movement are ASSHOLES!!!  And they are actively trying to erase women’s oppression by erasing any difference between themselves and women-born-women.

And YOU CAN NEVER FORCE ME to pretend otherwise now, because my eyes are OPEN.  PRETENDING IS CHOOSING TO BELIEVE IN A DELUSION OF PATRIARCHAL WEAVING.  Patriarchy insists on unwavering loyalty to its delusions and reversals.  That’s why you will hear trans people crying that radfems are the ones abusing and bullying, when that is demonstrably FALSE.  And they USE women’s politeness to their advantage.

I was once too polite to stand up to the trans women in my personal life who were misogynist assholes – sexually harassing me & all my lesbian friends, and now I’ve met many other women with the same story, who thought they were alone too.  And I looked around at what the prominent trans activists were doing, and lo & behold, they were behaving in the same ways.  DON’T YOU FUCKING TELL ME THAT’S JUST A COINCIDENCE.

Trans will try to derail this by saying “it’s not ALL trans women”.  What, just like it’s not ALL men who rape?  No shit sherlock.  But enough men rape that it keeps women in line and scared for our lives.  And if enough trans women send death threats or sexually harass us, or accuse us of transphobia and protest our conferences and silence us into submission, that is the SAME DAMN THING – the SAME mechanism of the patriarchy.  The threat of MALE VIOLENCE, keeping us down, keeping us in line, keeping us silent.

So it will never matter how much proof we come up with that trans women act in misogynist ways… patriarchy’s tools will continue to be unimpressed and unpersuaded.  Because if they WERE to take a good hard look at themselves and their behavior, their fragile little egos & worlds would shatter, and WOMEN/FEMALES would be LIBERATED.


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  1. The authorities treat them as male, as well, indulgently allowing them to get away generally with levels of public and online aggression, exhibitionism and violence that females might be arrested for. Since boys will be boys…