Because Trans *Is* About Fuckability, Amirite?

“You don’t have to worry Cathy, seriously, no one with eyes would fuck you anyway.”Sarah Davis.

30 responses to “Because Trans *Is* About Fuckability, Amirite?

  1. I’m still more fuckable than you are dude, and removee this page before I compain to wordpress.

  2. Ann Tagonist

    Ah, that feminist mantra, “I am so much more fuckable than you.” Something we should all aspire to!

  3. Don’t feed the trans troll.

  4. Cheer up. I find you quite fuckable.

  5. I can’t think of anyone on the planet less “fuckable” as a group than “trans women”. *** shiver *** It’s like they have a force-field around them that repels people. Straight men don’t want them. Lesbians don’t want them. I’m bisexual and I’ve never been attracted to one, not once in 38 years of adult life — they’re no more attractive to me than a lump of coal.

    Perhaps that’s why they are too-often obsessed with “fuckability” in other people, especially feminist women?

    • Hey, it was your friend Brennan that posted that photo of me in some attempt to embarrass or intimidate me or some other other messed up reason.

      Once again I am going to ask you to remove that photo of me.

      • You are such a fool. You harass me – on my own blog – with disgusting comments about fuckability – and you are claiming VICTIMHOOD when I expose you. Fuck off, sir.

      • I asked you nicely to remove this page including the photo. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and you have a history of doing this to peoole, so, what’s good for the goose…

  6. so the way you look embarrasses you then oopster? bless you. and being embarrassed makes you tell women they’re less ‘fuckable’ than you? hmm.

    surprisingly very similar to how men behave when embarrassed by a woman or not liking her opinions – call her ‘fuckability’ into question because that’s the only thing THEY think matters about a woman so they assume it’s our prime concern too. wonder why you might behave so similarly to a man?

    it puzzles me why such misogynists claim to want to be women :-/

    • That photo was taken on my laptop after just waking up and it was definite “bed hair”, and Brennan decides to post a photo of me not looking my best on her blog. She didn’t take the time to post the caption I put with that photo though, not that I’m accusing her of taking things out of context, ‘cos she wouldn’t do that right?

      Also, the whole post was about trans lesbians. You don’t want to be with a trans lesbian, fine, then don’t, but how come when I postdddd something about her looks, I get criticism, but when she does it, that’s fine, and ftr, she started it by criticising the looks of Paris Lees in her interview with Julie Bindel, so she’s not against playing the looks or the victim card.

      • Moany widdle thing aren’t ya?
        Here is a fucking clue, because you and other twanz seem totally clueless – if you don’t want a certain photo on the internet, DON’T upload it! It really is *that* fucking simple!

        No one held a gun to your head and forced you to upload it. You did it. You uploaded it.

        Take responsibility for your actions.

        Whoops, forgot you were a dude, well the taking responsibility thing will never happen, will it?

  7. Ha! Is that that weirdo tranny? Jaysus. God damn that’s one fugly mofo. No one could be drunk enough to fuck that. UGH.

  8. Christ-on-a-cracker

    Just what every lesbian dreams of in a gf: broad hairy shoulders, a stache, a saggy OLD dick and balls and obviously a straight dude hairstylist.